Monday, April 30, 2007

Yellow Dog

How does your garden grow? I will let you know how ours grows in about "T" minus a month or so. On Saturday we made a garden. We are going to be sustainable. Well maybe not susatinable, but we will have A LOT of basil and herbs. We like our pesto around these parts. It did not occur to me to take a picture of this project until we were almost done. Worth got to use the neighbors tiller, and now he has less grass to mow so we are all very happy. I enjoyed working out there with Worth. This will be my project this summer. Well BellaRose's and my project. Okay BellaRose will sit there in her swing while I work but at least I have someone to talk to now.

Sunday (the day not me) was made for yellow dogs. As you can tell this yellow dog had a good day! We went walking at Warren Wilson College and found a little beach spot. The Rain Dog had a great afternoon swimming. She did not stop. She lept like that ALL afternoon after that stick. You would never know that she is getting up there in age. I think that this swimming is really good for her. Makes her bones not creak so much. We love the Rainy Dog! I would have a picture of Atticus, but seeing as he really did not like the afternoon as much as Rainy and could care less about water the pictures would be pretty boring.

Rainy got a bath when she got home and the grass felt oh so good!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

37 weeks

On Monday we had some maternity pictures taken by Visio Photography as I have mentioned they are amazing photographers! We felt so honored that they wanted to take our picture. They just came in with all their cameras and just started shooting away. They are so fun and loving. If you ever need a portrait or fine art wedding photographer these are your people. They will have more pictures to come but these are some that they posted on their blog.
We go to the doctor this morning. We will see if there is any progress. My stomach keeps tightening up a lot and it just feels like things are getting harder and harder. Like I have said I am ready, but I guess that does not matter much, it is more when BellaRose is ready. We are anxious to meet her. We have so many questions for her. Maybe she is going to be a soccer player because she really likes to kick. I will ask her questions about that for sure. I can't wait to meet that heel! I will give an update when we get back form the doctor if anything exciting is happening. I can tell you I am really looking forward to not getting on a scale for a really LONG time. I would say until we have our next baby. Talk at you soon.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hello all! We had hurricane force winds here over the past couple of days and we were not spared. Well I should not say that, we were spared, but not a pine tree. As you can see it is leaning a little bit over our neighbor's driveway. Worth had to take it down. I was his helper. I was the one who needed to stop traffic if need be, we did not have any traffic so I was the photographer. So here is our tree coming down. I helped move some brush, but Worth did all the heavy lifting as his back can attest to today! I wonder if he should enter in the lumber jack competitions that they have on the outdoor network? I think that he would win. As you can tell he is really happy to have to take down the tree.

On the baby front we had a doctors appointment this morning. No dialation. Nothing! I was hoping for something, but we got nothing. My stomach is measuring 35 inches. She said that hopefully means BellaRose will be smaller. Cross your fingers on that one as well. Everything else is looking good. We go back in a week so I will keep you posted of course. Here is another present that we got in the mail yesterday. This one is from wonderful Jessica and the Carr Family. Thank you so much. We love it. We know BellaRose will love it as well. It is so precious. It can be a little step too right? It looks like it folds and could be a step. So sweet. We love it, we love you! Also on Monday
Visio Photography will be taking some maternity pictures of the belly. We are so excited because they one of THE most talented photographers I know. They take the most beautiful images and it will be such an honor to have them take some belly shots. Check out their pictures. You will be awestruck!!! I am on a constant basis.
Well that is it for me for right now. Enjoy the tree, enjoy the chair, and enjoy the photographers.

Friday, April 13, 2007

the time has come!

no not time for a baby. although i do have someone lined up to inform the world that we are in labor. thank you becky! the time has come for me to be part time!!! as of monday i will be a part time girl. i am thrilled and nervous. we have to wean ourselves off a second paycheck and i believe this will be the way to do it. pray for us! i know this is a good thing though. i have heard from many moms to take this time off, take care of myself, pamper myself, SLEEP. so i take your advice ladies! thank you.
ps- this picture was taken awhile ago, not while i am pregnant. just to let you know i am not pounding the beer!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


So my question is, how important is it to get a pack-n-play? This is a very serious issue. One that I was thinking about at about 3:30 am. Yes 3:30 am. Sleep is not coming very natural right now. I have a belly that won't allow me to do much sleeping so I think about Pack-n-plays and high chairs, among MANY other things, and I wonder if that is something we need to have before the baby comes. Is it?
I leave you with Rainy. When we were having spring, Rainy got a bath. Her first since 1994. No kidding, she was not alive in 1994!
One final note if you want to laugh really hard and have your day completely made for you please go to Annie, Dan, and Will's blog (just click on their name) and look at the video of him laughing. I promise you he will make your day!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

34 weeks

Thank you Shanna for this very special sweet gift. Shanna, who I meet through Jessica and now know her better then ever thanks to the blog world sent us this bulletin filled with fun pictures from my blog and my friend's blogs. Thank you so much! I love it! It is perfect! Now I need your address :).
The house is almost complete, but to the unknowing person it is complete and I could not be happier. Some people say it feels like a beach house inside and I would have to agree. We love the beach, we love the mountains, now we have both, well sort of I know Worth wishes he could surf right out our door.
At 34 weeks:
~i can still see my feet (some books tell me that i might not be able to)
~i can't wait to sleep on my stomach!
~sleeping is getting more uncomfortable
~i can still work out and walk, but it is getting harder
~rainy is getting used to life
~i am ready for BellaRose to be here to get this started, but want her to stay in a little longer
~i have 6 weeks to go but the longest i will be pregnant is 8 weeks-yikes!
~the car seat is in my car ready to go (we have no where else to put it)
~i have to go to a meeting at the Agency Field office to learn something about Homeowners insurance even though i won't be here that much longer (oh well)
~my boss gave me the morning off yesterday and it was WONDERFUL!
~my trunk is filled with size 2 diapers (thanks Annie)
~the nursery is done, the closet is filled
~the diaper bag is packed, and my bag is getting closer
~i can't eat a whole lot b/c there is no room, she is so high up she kicks my ribs ALL the time
~i have read 2 books on discipline and we are now reading a book on sleeping and eating called On Becoming BabyWise (i expect to be an expert soon)
~i forget things a lot, like words, and things like that, hopefully that comes back :)
~i CAN'T WAIT to have a cold beer!
~life is pretty darn good!!!!