Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We can grow 'em

like i said we can grow 'em, babies and vegetables. i am just thankful that it did not take 3 tries to grow the baby like it did the garden. we went to BellaRose's one month check up and she is a growin'! she is weighing in at 10lbs 6oz. she is 22 1/2 inches long and her head is 15". i could not believe it. our little baby is getting big. of course she was a little bigger then expected to begin with. what happened to that 7lb baby they were telling me we were going to have? some exciting news for us here is that she slept through the night the other night. i did not have to wake up to feed her at all. it was wonderful. of course i was worried something was wrong with her and that kept me up. worth had to assure me that she was just fine. the doctor seemed very pleased with her and he said that she probably would not sleep through the night last night, he was right. she woke up at 4. not bad though for going to bed at 8. we love this little girl so much. we praise God everyday for her.

on to other things that we grow, squash, lots and lots of squash and cucumbers (of the burpless variety-maybe BellaRose should have some). do you want any? please!! worth asked me the other day if i like squash, i do not. he wondered why we planted so much, i thought he wanted that much. so needless to say we are going to have a lot of squash. we are also very proud of these bell peppers. they hopefully will tun red soon. there are a couple on that little plant. we will also have lots and lots of tomatoes, but i love tomatoes. makes for some great salsa. i will have to give a bunch to Angela, so she can make Worth his favorite salsa. last but not least, we will have pumpkins. this is my favorite part. i love a pumpkin as many of you know. i am blessed to have a birthday in october and that means lots of pumpkins for me. it also means fall. what can be better, fall, pumpkins, and birthdays! eventually i would love to have enough pumpkins where people come to my pumpkin patch and pick their own pumpkins. i would also love a Christmas tree farm, but i digress. so if you want some pumpkins, tomatoes, squash, and growing babies (kidding on the last one, duh!) come to
Worth 'n Sunday's farm!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

we have survived!

we have made it through the first month! she turned one month old yesterday. we wondered if we would make it though. other parents told us it would get better, and it has. it is very hard bringing a newborn home, a lot harder then we thought. but look at that face, doesn't it just melt your heart. it melts my heart when i see an actual tear fall from those eyes. i just want to make everything better for her. we have learned so much in this first month. she has slept almost 8 hours through the night. her neck is so strong. she holds it up by herself a lot. she is getting better at telling us what she wants, or we have gotten better at knowing what she wants. we hear that the six week mark is the holy grail. she will get pretty fussy then, and after that we get social smiles, and a little better routine. we go to the beach after that at about 7 weeks so for the sake of everyone else in the house, we hope she is not real fussy. we love this baby so much. our lives have been completely rocked by her, but we would not change a thing.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

4 weeks

4 weeks!!! 4 weeks have gone by. i am sad about that. time flies. i wonder if i soaked in everything or if i wished it away too fast. i pray that i did not wish it away. i know that there were many tears during this past 4 weeks both mine and BellaRose. but i have seen her smile, and i have smiled at those. this little girl is such a mystery as Katie as said about her own, but one that we treasure so much. we are so thankful for her, even through the screams and the tears. we know what a joy she is. i am sad about when i won't be able to hold her on my chest and her fall asleep, but instead of being sad about that i will rejoice in the fact that i can do it now. what a blessing she is to us!

these are from bath time today. baths are usually on wednesday and saturday but we had some issues with poop! i also took some pictures of her waking up. she is so cute when she wakes up. she grunts and stretches herself awake.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

3 weeks old today!

our baby is three weeks old today. it is sad, but good. i can't believe how fast it is moving. i thought i would post some pictures in color so that you would know that she was not just black and white! the one with worth brushing her hair is after her first bath. we did not get a picture of the actual bath however. she was not real into it and cried the whole time. of course it was only a sponge bath, she likes the kind where she can be in the water. i guess it reminds her of her former home. we are still trying to figure out this baby. when she is awake she cries. not all the time, but lately it sure seems like it. i have been told and read about this 3 week growth spurt and am hoping that is just what it is. she has just been real fussy. the last 2 nights of sleep have been pretty good, but i am nervous about tonight. it is usually every 3rd night that it is a rough one. trying to keep this stinker up during the day is hard going, but when she is awake and crying i wonder why i want her awake. we are learning how to be parents and how to be selfless. we know it only gets better.

blogger girls got together. we were just missing shanna and katie. look how big rylie is next to BellaRose. it was so great to meet Rylie Jayne in person. she is beautiful and she has the bluest eyes and the darkest eye lashes. annie was able to stop by real quick from camp, but Will did not make it since it was naptime. becky came over as well to greet jessica, myron, and rylie jayne. it was so nice of them to stop on their tour de north carolina. i know that they are going to have so much fun at the beach. i am extremely jealous!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Been awhile

It has been awhile since we posted last. I will get better at posting pictures once i figure out timing and when i am able to get to the computer. life has been going pretty well the past couple of days. we have been able to get some sleep which is always nice. she only wakes up once in the night, which is such a blessing, but then sometimes she thinks it is party time and wants to stay up for 3 hours. worth's mom spent the night with us the other night and got up with BellaRose and we were able to sleep through the night. that really lifted our spirits. she is such a sweet baby. she is very patient with us as we learn how to be parents. my dad keeps telling me that she will train me and so far that has been the case. we have gone on more outings which is boosting my confidence everytime. i have not attempted feeding in public yet. that makes me a little nervous. we think that she is just so darn cute. look what she does with her hands. she is always doing something with them. sometimes it is grapping at her face and scratching it though. her neck is so strong, she can lift it up by herself for little periods of time. people say she is getting bigger, i guess that she is, i don't want to hear it though :). more pictures to come. we have a lot of the same pictures so we will get more creative. hope all is well in your world. can't wait to hear updates.
much love.

Friday, June 08, 2007



Monday, June 04, 2007

one Rose to another

BellaRose got to meet her namesake this weekend. it was a very special time for us. I was so blessed and honored that Grandma made the trip to come and see us. Thank you Dad for bringing her up. it meant so much to us to have you here!!!

Thank you also for my mom who helped us out so much the first week that BellaRose was here. we could not have done it without you. you mean so much to us. thank you for all the meals, the loads if laundry, cleaning the house, and burping BellaRose. You were a life saver in my deepest hour :).