Monday, January 31, 2011

o sunny day

My little comment blog challenge did not go over as well as I hoped. I had 295 visits to my blog and 15 comments. So I realize that a lot of you just come to read and look at the pictures and stay hidden. I get it. I really do! I like to be hidden too sometimes. Thank you all who did comment, especially thank you to the people who never do but told me you were out there. That was sweet! I also appreciate your opinion on the music, so for the time I won't be putting music on the website.
Now lets get to the real reason of my blog, my family! We took advantage of the insanely beautiful weather this weekend (as I know everyone did). We decided to take a picnic to Biltmore and sit by The French Broad river and absorb as much vitamin D as possible. Rosey rode her bike, we went and got ice cream, it really was a perfect day. I know I have said it before but this is one of the many reasons I love the south and living where we do. We will get hit hard by some snow and then the next weekend it will be 70 degrees. You just can't argue with that!

Momma does exist!

Hollings loved being outside. Everyone is just happier when they can be outdoors. Hollings showed off her new skills of talking on the phone. I love how she is smushing it to her face.

I know, I know, I know we have shown you a million pictures of BellaRose skating! This was a particularly proud moment since she skated at The FoodLion Skatepark in the big bowl with Worth. Of course she was not dropping in like Worth but she was still going back and forth on her board. To say our hearts swelled is an understatement!

Worth would like to point out in the picture below he is not holding her, just spotting her.

Big Daddy.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The people have spoken

So the people have spoken and I will be keeping the blogs separate but maybe getting a bit more personal on my business blog. I like having discussions and hearing what you think. You all are a smart group of people, we should do this more. I will have another question for you at the end of this post and a little group participation challenge, but first pictures of my girls. It is strange to me that BellaRose has been out of the crib for over a year now. She seems so huge in it when she gets in to play with Hollings. Hollings always loves a little sister time in the crib except when Rosey knocks her over and she hits her head, she does not like that so much.

My goal for my home is to make my house feel like a beach house. Then it is the best of both worlds, a beach house feel in the mountains. These pictures of Rosey sleeping in her bed with the big window and sunlight streaming in makes me feel like I have accomplished my goal in a way. Who doesn't want to fall asleep in the sun on a cold winter day?

So now to my question. How do you feel about music on a website? For the most part I don't care for it because I usually am listening to something myself. After looking at many a photography website, they ALL have music and I have to say to does add to the images. So what do you think? What would your music suggestions be for a photo website. I like the nostalgic feel (Into the Mystic~Van Morrison), the spa feel (Thievery Corporation), the just because I love the song feel (A Sunday Kind of Love- Etta James). Now on to my group participation challenge. I would love to know who reads this blog. I realize people read for different reasons. So for this post only I am asking you to leave a comment, and really who does not love comments? Just even say Hi. Or tell me what you feel about music, or these pictures. It is easy enough to sign in and leave some sort of comment. Even if you are my sisters, or my mom, or my husband!
Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Skater girl

I know I have already posted pictures of BellaRose skating, but these are just too sweet not to post. We went out again to let her skateboard, and she is getting so much better. Hollings loved watching her skate too! I had a wonderful post full of the things we did this weekend, like our ill fated hiking trip to Linville Gorge, but it is late and taking forever to load pictures. How about we just look at pretty pictures for now and I will post more later. The next two are my favorites. I love the perspective. Of course I really love all of these.
I hope to be able to show to you an exciting new website I have been designing for my photography business. That is where my mind has been really. I talked a little about that in my photography blog. That brings me to another question; I often wonder if I should just combine my blogs. What do you think? I feel like my photography blog is so business and not as much fun and personable, but since I already have this blog do I really need another one that is personal? Lots of things to ponder, but in the meantime you can look at my sweeties and tell me your thoughts.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Beautiful girls

Sometimes when I get a camera around BellaRose she reverts to her "school portrait self" and does this hand pose. I don't care for the hands but her face looks so sweet! My friend Jennifer Young made that flower for me and BellaRose like to wear it. She wore it all day long, I think it fits.
We currently are on the tail end of another snow storm and I can't get enough of them. I adore the snow. Today I had homemade spaghetti sauce simmering all day on the stove and bread rising in the oven. I wish I could get out in the snow more, but it is difficult with Hollings and not having too many options on putting her somewhere. Hollings had a ball in it this morning when we went to Becky's house to sled though. She would try to eat the snow and I pretty sure she loved sledding with Worth. She is also standing on her own with no one holding her. She just stands up from a squat and gets so proud of herself she starts to clap. It is wild seeing such a little peanut standing. She has not taken her first step and I wonder if it will happen before her 11th month birthday on the 14th! Can you believe she is almost a year? I have tried to hold onto every moment and I am already forgetting what it was like to hold her as a newborn. Ok I got to stop talking about it or I will cry!

Enjoy the eye candy!


Hollings where is your head? There it is!

Monday, January 03, 2011

I Reckon

I took the girls to Biltmore yesterday and I guess on weekends they have this sweet little couple playing old time bluegrass. They play in the old barn where they have activities for the kids. It is nice to listen to live music while the girls play. The woman of the duo would talk to the people there in the audience and she would say things like "I reckon". I want to say "I reckon" but in a sweet southern belle way and not a redneck way. I am just not sure that works with me, but it would be so sweet. Maybe that will be one of my goals for 2011, start talking like a sweet ol' southern belle. I know I have already reflected in one post, but with this time of year it is almost impossible not to reflect. Who doesn't want to start the new year off with a clean slate and positive goals to achieve? Two of my goals will be feeding my Faith and feeding my marriage. Annie just introduced this wonderful blog (there is so much inspiration in the blog world it is almost intimidating) her sister in law introduced her to, it is called Today's Letters. This husband and wife write each other letters in a journal and hide it for the other to find. I love all things paper and letters, there is something so intimate about addressing a letter "Dear Worth Lover of my soul". It has been awhile since I wrote a letter like that, I need to again. It is easy for Worth and I to get caught up in the day to day without hardly acknowledging one another as each others spouse. Sure I married my best friend, but isn't he more then that? It is time to show our girls a solid loving marriage.

I told you Rosie got a skate helmet. She seems to like it although her attention span is about two trips up and down the driveway. Maybe her next lesson will be snowboarding with mom and dad!

My sweet Hollings smiling away even with pink eye! Such a sweet sweet little thing. She brings us great joy.