Sunday, April 17, 2011


For some reason the beginning of spring is making me feel anxious. Maybe I always feel this way and I am just now able to pinpoint the feeling. Maybe it is because we are all about to become very busy, maybe it is the anticipation of so many good things to come.
Maybe it is not anxious but antsy.
I am ready to start planting and picking out my flowers. I love to work in my garden beds. I love that BellaRose loves to help. It reminds me of growing up and always wanting to help my dad work in the yard. As we all know it is still too early to really plant, our nights are still bringing in cool air and I have already lost one plant, but the warm days tease me and taunt me. Mother's day (the time for planting) can't get here soon enough!
I am anxious to photograph the weddings I have booked. My season will start in May and I have almost reached my goal of how many weddings I wanted to photograph! I am thrilled. I have had to postpone a couple engagement sessions due to the crazy spring weather we have had and I can't wait to photograph these beautiful people. I also have a goal of being published in a wedding blog. I know it will happen this year. My style is being fine tuned and my images are starting to take on a similar quality and that excites me to no end!
I am anxious/antsy for Worth's work. He is getting the most calls that he has ever gotten. I am so proud of him and that his fine craftsmanship is finally getting noticed. Hopefully he too will be published one day! He does nothing halfway, most of the time that is amazing and some of the time is can drive me batty! We certainly have persevered in his occupation since I got pregnant with BellaRose, it has been a very long road. Could there be light at the end of this tunnel?

My sweet bear! Our dogs don't get much love on the blog any more, but they are still here. We got our dogs in college when we were just young single people. Who ever thought that our dogs would become our children's dogs! I think Atticus is looking especially handsome because we have gotten some good brushing in. I pretty much have to wrestle him the whole time, he HATES to be brushed.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Lovin'

We are so fortunate to have The Biltmore Estate almost in our backyard and have a season pass. As you know we have really used our passes. I highly recommend getting a pass, especially if you have children. A lot of the times you can find a discounted pass through Mast General Store or even a passholder. My in-laws recently got a year pass and I met them there the other day as the Tulips were in peak bloom. It really is a site to be seen.
The picture on the right is my favorite picture of the tulips I took. It looks as if this is one tulip but it is actually two. What I like so much about these photographs is that I shot in the middle of the day with bright sun. A pretty tough time to photograph. I shot into the sun which gave a warm glow around the girls. I also like that you might not actually be able to tell that I am at the Biltmore and with all those beautiful flowers but the colors seem to still seep into the photographs.

No I did not have a third child that is just BellaRose's creepy baby that had to come to Biltmore with us.

Rosey wants to take pictures with Hollings, but when I put Hollings beside her she just clotheslines her. Poor Little!

Hollings is a walker, she still loves to crawl, but when she walks it is like Frankenstein. Pretty cute and funny. We have taken to calling her Frank lately.