Saturday, October 30, 2010

2 more days of my beloved month left. Goodness, is all I can say! October was full full full. As I told you I photographed BellaRose's Morning School class portraits. It was a lot of fun, and not as much of a challenge as I thought. I hope that the parents like them and that they are well received. Her schools fall festival was last night and I had them all ready for viewing and purchasing. I am still not sure how I did. I believe I am my harshest critic though. These are a few of BellaRose's. The one on the left I did in wallets. She is so precious.

The pictures below were the playground pictures I did. Those were my favorite ones to take. The kids were having fun in their natural element. It is a unique spin on class pictures for sure!

Of course here is sweet Hollings. For the fall festival we also had some things set up for Worth to show off his craftsmanship. We went over to his sister's house one rainy day and took a lot of pictures of the projects he had done there. Hollings got some daddy shoulder time. You can see in the background of the lower images the playhouse Worth built. I think we might move in there it is so nice!

Monday, October 18, 2010

We're here!

We are still here!!!
Uncle Ben got married to Julie on Saturday and it has been a full wedding weekend. I don't have any pictures to show for it just yet, but those are being edited and forthcoming.
Here are just some pictures of our adventures.

We did manage to go to the Pumpkin Patch with Margaret and Beckett. I just love doing that so much!! We had a good time celebrating fall in the crisp air, petting animals, and eating apples. Our mountains are the best place in the whole world to be in the fall.
We still have two weeks left of my favorite month. Boy am I excited about that!

It is just a little hard getting self portraits of me and the girls with my big ole lens, but we managed a couple..... sort of.

Friday, October 08, 2010

My loves

cell phone pictures

Runny noses and thumb sucking don't go together, lesson learned. Although it is pretty hard to explain to a three old, in the middle of the night, that if she stops sucking her thumb then she will be able to breath and SLEEP!!! She has also been giving up her nap and experiencing night terrors, those are particularly sad and really nothing you can do, well get more sleep but since she is ditching the nap that is not working out for us. Good thing they only last several (long) minutes. Hollings is being sweet as ever (not that BellaRose is not) and sleeping like a champ even through the screaming crying BellaRose does most nights.
Goodness, we are 8 days into Rocktober! Have I embraced them like I said I would? I don't think so, I will now though! Exciting weekends ahead with Worth's brother's upcoming nuptials and of course birthday week, then Halloween! Let the good times roll.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Roctober is upon us!
I will embrace every single day of this month down to its ghoulish end!

I hate the excuse of busyness. I think it is lame, in spite of that, I have been using that excuse a lot lately which now makes me lame! I apologize.

With the excuse of busyness comes the very joyous report that my photography business is really starting to thrive. I will be taking the school portraits for BellaRose's school, which means not your typical posed, faux background, school pictures. Que Angels singing on high!

Also these little people below are keeping me on my toes. One thing you don't want to do is mess with Hollings and her food, especially if it looks like a teething biscuit or a graham cracker. Hollings is a crawling machine. I don't remember Rosey crawling this well so young. I fear that Hollings will be walking sooner then we think. She already gets up into pyramid position mid crawl.
Hollings, in these pictures, was sporting Flock of Seagulls hair, and a nice gash on her nose. She daily hits her head and currently has a little unicorn forehead right now. I promise we are good parents.
She is also clapping up a storm. The saddest thing you have ever seen is little bean Hollings crying on the floor clapping. Might as well have your heart broken right then!

Now on to my sweet BellaRosey. I actually don't have too much to report on her. She is in gymnastics which seems to be perfect for her. How could you not love spending more time with Ms. Jaci and of course Will who is now the Big Brother to the sweetest little Baby Jack!
The other day BellaRose was walking around saying "uurrr, frustrasted, uuurrr frustrated, uuuurrr frustrated" in a deep growling voice. I seem to recall myself saying that very thing the day before. Out of the mouth of babes! Also if she does something that she thinks is particularly neat she will ask me "Momma is that amazing?". Do you think I tell her she is amazing too much?

Hollings doing what she does.

Her chocolate brown eyes are so rich I could drink them!

This move is called the mid pyramid pull up.