Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Wrap up

So here we are with the final blog post of our wonderful Christmas. I am not sure who looks at this blog if anyone but I feel I should just continue on putting photos up sharing my family. So all that leads me to our trip to Greenville for Boxing Day. I love doing this trip! This particular year I really missed my family on Christmas day but going to Kelly's extends Christmas one more day. One thing I really love about Kelly and Andrew's house is their backyard/courtyard. It is perfect for the kids and all their new toys, bikes, razors, and go carts. The girls really had a blast playing with their cousins. 


Stella with the boys

Kelly and Christian thought it would be hilarious to cover Hollings' head in bows since they know how much I am not a fan of them. 

Family Life


Beautiful Rose

Hollings loved riding the go cart with Taylor

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Christmas continues Part 4!

So here we are to the night before Christmas and Christmas day! I have one more post of Boxing Day photos from Greenville and then Christmas will be officially over!  I always sad to see Christmas go but also ready to get back to life post holidays and to clean the house.  The clutter will drive me batty for sure!
I woke up at 5 am Christmas morning and of course the girls did not wake until an hour and half later.  I was waiting for Rosey when she got up. 

Sleepy girl

Hollings loved the punch ball.
BellaRose showing Hollings her train set.=

Playing with the train set
Discovering the tic tacs from the stocking
Christmas dinner with Poppa, T-love, and Bill.  The prime rib was awesome!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Christmas Craftacular Part 3

 Alright so we will continue on with Christmas so I am not blogging about it February!  I did want to include the crafts I did.  Something about Christmas gets me in the crafting mood.  I wanted to have fun wrapping so this is what I did.  You can thank all of these on Pinterest by the way!  I just love that site.  The wrapping was simple, just whole punch tissue paper, swipe some glue, and sprinkle away.  Brought a little life to the brown craft paper.  Let it be noted this is the same roll of craft paper I have been using for 6 years!  That's right!

 I also made the little wreath hanging in the window along with 2 others.  That was actually a Martha thing and not pinterest, but I am sure I can find it on there!  That is just an embroidery ring with clippings from the true hot glued around the ring.  Pretty easy!

This was my favorite craft and most time consuming.  Margaret introduced it to me on, wait for it...pinterest!  I bought clear glass ornaments at the craft store, mod podge, and a book from the thrift store, A Perfect Storm as a matter of fact.  Maybe I would not recommend that one again.  Not the greatest book for a Christmas ornament.  Of course Becky picked up on some of the words when I posted it on FB.  I also flipped a tomato cage upside down, taped the top and wrapped white lights around it to make a tree for outside.  I made three and sadly have no pictures of them.  I loved that project too.  3 strands per tomato cage is the way to go but I got tired of buying lights so only one cage got 3 strands.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


So allow me to interrupt my Christmas documentation with a little end of the year review.  It is only natural for everyone to want to reflect this time of year.  How did the last year, 2011, work out for you?  What can you improve on?  What did you do right?  So many things to think about.  My heart is racing a bit at the moment because I am putting myself out there, putting my business out there.  I am terrified it is going to be a dud, that I will be rejected.  I don't really like to rely on my friends and family to promote me.  I feel like it puts them in an awkward situation but that is the very thing I am asking them to do right now on facebook.  I have appreciated my photography business so much!  My dreams are being realized with this business.  I have always wanted to be a photographer.  It wasn't something I did lightly.  I put myself out there and was well received.  Business continues to double every year.  I was able to take it slow to really learn the business of photography.  I feel most comfortable with the camera in my hand but a lot of this job is with the camera tucked neatly in its case and me staring at a computer.  As I have mentioned before I have not done any traditional paid advertising.  Mostly all of my business has been word of mouth (thank you) and that great thing called Facebook!  I really do love facebook.  So right now I am doing a "like" fan drive.  I would love for you to recommend my page to your friends and they can recommend to their friends and the lovely circle goes on and on.  Request that your friends write who sent them on my photography page, whoever sends the most people wins a complimentary mini session!  You can use it personally or give as gift.  It makes me so nervous to even write all of this.  Who knows how this will be received, hopefully, if not then you live and learn.  Thanks for loving us and supporting us.  You all have meant the world to us! 

Since I did interrupt the documentation of my family life I will leave you with the sweetest photo of BellaRose  setting out cookies for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer.  And one of my little Hollings who can't say Hollings and calls herself Honey.  Precious!