Monday, February 23, 2009


Last week was OG's (my mom) birthday.  I went to Greenville to help celebrate.  My mom the night before had just gotten back from being in Cabo!  She was tanned, and giddy when I saw her.  The fun part about this birthday is that we got presents from Mexico!  She brought BellaRose back the sweetest dresses and I got a dress of my own.  I can't wait for the summertime now!  Thank you mom and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  It was a wonderful, panini filled party.  

You guys remember this bed?  Hopefully this is BellaRose's future big girl bed.  We have had a few complications and setbacks with the sandblasting.  Who knew that the sand had to be dry in order for this to work.  Hopefully once we get this bump out of the way it will be smooth sailing from here, although it looks like the bedrails might give us a little bit of trouble too.  I have a vision for how I want this to turn out and will be SO disappointed if this does not work out.  Annie is working so hard on "Operation Big Girl Bed".  She is really doing all the work, I just watch the babies and make fun of her in her hazmat suit!  Thanks for the help Annie!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I know sickness is inevitable.  With a baby that stays in the nursery at church, and goes to KidZone at the gym, and hangs out with all her buddies often, it is inevitable that she is going to get sick.  I don't want to have a baby that is in a bubble all the time, with that risk she is going to get sick, so......BellaRose has gotten her first double ear infection.  She is doing amazing through it all, but the doctor told us it is pretty painful when they have them.  When we took BR to the doctor she had 103.7 fever and was the saddest little baby in the whole world.  Her skin was on fire.  Holding her I thought I would get burned, she was all red and blotchy and actually fell asleep on my chest, if you know BellaRose you know that NEVER happens.  I was a little floored actually to hear that it was an ear infection.  You see she is getting her final molars, all 4!!  I was thinking that is why she was writhing and in so much pain, but it is the molars on top of the ear infection.  Oh poor sweet little girl.  The night before we took her to the doctor she hardly slept.  It was literally like having a newborn again.  That might have set our baby #2 plans back a little, at least for me, poor Worth:)!

I would like to take this moment to brag on Annie, because I know she won't do it herself!  Annie and I ran the Black Mountain Sweetheart 5k on Saturday.   She was really encouraging to me and cheered me on to even start the race.  I am in no way, shape, or form a runner.  I have no desire to run a marathon or even a 10k for that matter!  The last time I ran 3 miles was the last time I ran this race 6 years ago!  Annie and I had discussed pre-race that she did not have to stay with me, and that she should run at her pace.  In my head I was thinking that we would cross the START line together at least, oh no!  This girl took off.  It was almost cartoonish with how fast she took off I could see the trail of dust behind her as she ran!  I know she likes to down play her running and say she is not real fast, but I would like to tell you that she WON her age group!  How awesome is that.  The few times I saw Annie on the course is the few times that the trails lapped each other.  She was on the home stretch and I was not even to mile marker 2 yet.  So heres to you Annie, being the best little runner we know!  I hope you have a nice cold beer in your new beer glass, her prize for winning (isn't that funny)!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Oh Baby!

What do you do on a snow day?  Well we build forts!  It was so cold the day it snowed here that we could only be outside for a few minutes, so being housebound we built a little fort for BellaRose.  She was having so much fun crawling through it, she was almost having as much fun as Worth!
I just love living in the south.  We had 3 inches on snow on Wednesday and by Saturday it was 65.  Can't complain about either one!

I love this picture of BellaRose, I am not even sure why.  It shows how out of control her hair is, but we refuse to cut it.  We are just going to be patient while it grows in hopes of one day it be able to tuck behind her ears or be pulled back in a pony tail.  Until then we will continue to listen to people gently suggesting to us that we cut her hair.  I also adore this picture of Atticus because he just looks like he is in his element.  He was so excited to see the snow.  He would dash outside as fast as he could and  then would run as fast as he could through the snow.  
And yes, we still do have our Christmas tree on our back deck.  It just continues to bring me such delight that I won't get rid of the beautiful thing.  Watching the snow collect on his branches just brought great joy to my heart, sort of like watching the snow collect on Atticus.  It just seemed right.

Matt and Margaret's baby shower!
This was one of the most fun baby showers ever.  It is hilarious when the men are around to open the presents, because their commentary will send you rolling.  I guess for the most part girls know what things are when they open them, but boys, oh that is a whole other story.  I wish I had videotaped it for you guys.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

This little family has been on the go again!  This is the reason I am just now posting about our fabulous trip to Raleigh with Annie and Will!  Oh my goodness did we have a blast.  It is hard to believe it is over, it really did fly by.  We stayed with Ashlee in her beautiful home.  We are so thankful that she allowed all the chaos to come to her.  She also let Annie and I rearrange her living room which is a whole other story.  Byerly came and spent everyday with us and brought along her sweet little/big Chesson.  He is the sweetest little baby!  Elisabeth drove over from Greensboro with Myles and Molly while 7 months preggars with Miller, oh my!  Then Melissa came over the for evening which rounds out our "M's"! Phew!  The next day we took the babies to Marbles in downtown Raleigh.  It is the most wonderful hands on Children's museum.  I tell you these babies needed that place.  They got to run wild and touch everything and it was a nice break from us having to say "no don't touch that, no don't climb those stairs, no don't eat the dog's food".  Thanks again girls for a wonderful trip filled with so many memories.  We have started a tradition and I am so excited!
BellaRose and I got to come home for 2 days before we packed the car again for another road trip.  This time to Concord for Margaret's baby shower and for Worth to go back to the land he loves!  It was a lovely shower and yes again, another wonderful trip.  BellaRose loves hanging with her T-Love and Big Poppa!
Finally, THE STEELERS WON THE SUPERBOWL!!!  What a game.  How about that interception and 100yd run for a touchdown!  Incredible.  Now I know I am not the biggest sports fan now a days, but it has not always been so.  I grew up with sports surrounding me and with my whole family from Pittsburgh it should be only fitting that I was excited about last nights incredible game.  I had to watch the last part on and it was only animation since we don't have a TV and I could not find it online except for that, it was okay though b/c I got to sort of see it all.  That last 2 minutes was a bit heart wrenching, but the Steelers pulled it off with what "they" are saying is one of the best superbowls ever.  I really have no idea if that is true, but it sure was exciting and I know my family is so happy!