Monday, July 18, 2011

Garden Variety

We are moments away from a full on garden explosion. I am not even sure what we are going to do when our 17 tomato plants all start producing at the same time. This year everything is so healthy and the plants are enormous. This might be the best our soil has ever been. We use compost and horse manure. Can't beat that combination.
We have really been enjoying making omelets from our produce, they are especially wonderful when we have some of the eggs from Wesley and Harriet's chickens! Farm to table, or rather backyard to table. Maybe that will be our new movement...... hhhmm. I am telling you what, if any of you buy tomatoes once ours start producing I am going to be so mad at you. You better just come on over here and pick them yourself. We are going to have so many they will be coming out our ears.

I think it was good.

Worth working the fields.

I believe that BellaRose is a bit anxious for her carrots and ready to start eating them even though they are far from ready.

Hollings just eats anything she can get her hands on from outside the fence. She crushed Worth's dreams of being a cherry tomato farmer.

If you ever need recipes for ways to use up lots of produce don't hesitate to ask. We are happy to share.

Friday, July 08, 2011


I am pretty sure no one is reading this anymore but I still need to post pictures for posterity sake. Hopefully one day I will make this into a book. Hollings is becoming quite the handful, climbing on anything and everything and going in the opposite direction that we all are going, loving to play in the sink and in the bathroom. That drives me batty, the bathroom, out of all places why the bathroom! I feel like summer is a bit of whirlwind, always going and going. Of course I think that is just having multiply kids too. We never sit down. I guess that is why I do blog to remember these days of craziness. I know these times are fleeting. BellaRose is sweet and very talkative. Everything is a question and she wants to know why. She just asked me how to spell bandaid and after I spelled she asked me why. I was stumped. Just because it is spelled that way. Usually I just say because God said. That usually answers the question for everyone.