Monday, September 29, 2008


I can't boil an egg!  There it is, out there for the whole world (or whoever reads my blog) to know, I.CAN'T.BOIL.AN.EGG!  I feel lighter, more free, now that I have gotten this off of my chest.  I was going to make Wasabi Deviled Eggs for Dan and Will's birthday party.  Now before we begin Annie never asked me to make them, I sort of forced them on her.  I was really wanting to make them and I thought a Beers and Blocks Party would be the perfect setting.  I asked my mother-in-law how to boil and egg.  I went to the little tailgate market down the street and bought some beautifully fresh eggs, and this is what happened!  It was terrible.  I complete disaster.  Whoever thought that boiling an egg would be this hard.  I have to tell you, the greenish blue eggs were the worst ones to peel, I guess the shells aren't as hard.  Some of the yolks weren't all the way cooked, and they did not peel easily at all!  I even went to my trusted YouTube to figure it out, no luck.  Let's just say Rainy ate A LOT of eggs!  Please someone make that recipe and let me know how it is.  
This concludes Confessions by Sunday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh Goodness!

Oh Boy!  So much is going on around here.  Let's see what can I tell you about first.  Well the most exciting thing to me right now is that we got a new computer!!  We got the white MacBook.  I love it, love it, love it!  I have no idea how to use it, but apple is pretty cool about explaining things so I think I will be able to figure it out.  I am going to need you other Mac people out there to help me out I am sure.  
BellaRose is also changing a lot lately too.  She is starting to not want her morning nap. I am a little up in the air on how I feel about that.  I know she needs that sleep still.  She did not take it yesterday morning and got a little whiny in the evening and was still a little whiny this morning, needless to say she is already asleep.  We will see how long she stays asleep.  She is also not eating like she used to.  She used to eat everything, and now it it becoming much more difficult.  She is a fruitarian pretty much, but I want her having veggies and other good stuff.  I would love to hear what you have to say on that front.  From what I understand it is just one of the many phases that they will go through.  I guess this is all good.  She is continuing to do well when I take her to the gym.  It does my heart good to hear how much they like her and how sweet they think that she is.  I heard SO many comments when she was a baby about why she cried and the different theories on why she was like that, which, I might had, I believe to be ALL hogwash, thank you very much!  My heart hurts sometimes because it is so filled with pride and love for this special little bean!

And in local news, we have NO gas!  This was the line at the shell station here in Black Mountain.  It was insane, cop cars, people yelling, people standing around waiting for the line to move.  I read online this morning about how this one student drove around for hours looking for gas and found none.  Now I may not be the smartest person in the world, but I know not to drive around for hours looking for something that is currently in my tank, and that I would be wasting by driving around!  I was sitting here thinking about how nice to is to live in a small town and how I really can walk to everything that I need even the grocery store, but I guess this is the reason we don't have gas either, because we are so remote.  I guess there are advantages and disadvantages to this town we chose.  Good thing I only have to go to places here and have no need to drive to Ashe-Vegas.  
Well I think that is enough for today.  I am off to figure out flash cards, USB's, purl stitches, knit stitches, and all things MAC!  

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another declaration

So I think that I am going to take up knitting! I know so random, but I just got finished reading the book "The Friday Night Knitting Club" and as you can guess it was about knitting, which got me thinking about this scarf I saw in Martha Stewart Living a couple of years ago. It is a big chunky scarf and seemed pretty straight forward. Now I am not trying to be as awesome as Katie, I would just be building myself up for a let down, but I just want to make a scarf. I know I have made many declarations on this blog before, like I was going to become a runner (yeah right, are you guys still laughing at me about that), and I was going to make bagels (which I am still going to do thank you very much), but this time is different. I will make that scarf. Sadly I don't have a picture of the scarf, Martha was being difficult (typical) and would not let me pull up a picture. I will have to show you that later. A couple of you know that I have been interested in knitting lessons and I was telling Niki this, and she hands me some needles and some yarn and says "there you go". WOW! So this means there is nothing stopping me, besides having someone who could teach me. Well being that we live in a world of YouTube I decided to find someone to teach me there. Surprisingly I have learned how to "cast on" and do a "knit stitch". But for this scarf I want to make I have to learn how to "purl" and work with 2 types of yarn at once. So Katie, what does Purl mean? Is that a stitch? I will also show you a picture of the scarf that I started next time. So there you go, I will be a knitter at least to make ONE scarf!

Now this post would not be complete if I did not talk about the babies! We had Will over the other day and I just love taking pictures of BellaRose and Will together. They really do just love each other. As you know BellaRose likes backing up and likes to back up into her chair (thank you Jessica!) and I guess Will likes to back up into BellaRose's lap! Will had cuddle time with me, which I love, BellaRose will sit there for 2.5 seconds and then get up and go do something else, but Will just stayed there with me. Sweet boy! I was able to get a picture in that 2.5 seconds of BellaRose being there.

And in conclusion~

You guys know that Movie "Lady and the Tramp", well remember the last word when I tell you this story. This is just too funny not tell and a little bit shocking. Most people have something to say about my name, but I have NEVER heard this comment before. I went to CVS to pick up pictures I had ordered and the woman that works the photo department says "I always remember your name" and I said "oh really" and she says "yeah I have a sort of demented mind. I think that if I had named my daughter Sunday she would have turned into a __________ (insert last word of movie title here)". OMG! That is all I am going to say.

The End!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's time

It is time that the world know about BellaRose and just how simply amazing this baby is to be around. I joined the gym. I am excited. Really! But in joining the gym it means that she will have to go to the KidsZone program. I have never left her with anyone that was not family. I tried when I was going to Bible study when she was younger but I would see the girl's playing with her and I would get jealous. There it is, I was jealous. I wanted to be playing with BellaRose making her laugh not some girl she just met (the babysitter not the kids)! Today though was different, I could not see her and she could not see me. I was worried that she would cry and not want me to go, but she went right in there and played and when I went to go get her she did not even cry then. They said she was so sweet and so good. Do you know how proud that makes me! I was just so excited I had to come here, to my blog world, straight away and tell you all about her. Of course on every blog I tell you how wonderful she is, but it really is true. BellaRose is a joy and a pleasure to be around and that is not just coming from me, her VERY bias mother.
Glad to see you again. I will be on a better blogging schedule now.

Monday, September 08, 2008

and we're back

As to be expected, we had a wonderful trip. My my what a different trip it was from last year having a 3 month old to this year having a 15 month old. BellaRose LOVED the beach, and since this trip she was walking she was all about running to the water. The ocean in the Outer Banks is not calm either, especially when a tropical storm was coming. So we had to be on our toes for sure. We did end up leaving a day early since TS Hanna came ashore on Saturday morning. No sense hanging out at the beach while it is raining just to leave and drive in the rain the next day. The weather up until then was perfect. Trent, Noah, and Ashlee joined us this year and they were so fun to hang out with and really helped in keeping BellaRose entertained. Thanks friends!
Got a little sunscreen in Beans eyes, sorry about that Sweetie Baby! Momma and Little BR pointing at Daddy who is very silly in the Radio Flyer.

Our beach trip always falls on our nephew Cameron's birthday so sadly we missed his party. We hope you had a wonderful birthday Cameron. Something will be in the mail to you very shortly. Can't wait to hug your neck. Everyone sing a collective "Happy Birthday" to Cameron. Love you!
PS~ I just discovered where post go when I think that have not saved, it is called "drafts". I guess that is a pretty foreign word to me because I. JUST.NEVR.KNEW. The light bulb has gone on people, and I am a whole new person in the blog world, thank you very much.