Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another declaration

So I think that I am going to take up knitting! I know so random, but I just got finished reading the book "The Friday Night Knitting Club" and as you can guess it was about knitting, which got me thinking about this scarf I saw in Martha Stewart Living a couple of years ago. It is a big chunky scarf and seemed pretty straight forward. Now I am not trying to be as awesome as Katie, I would just be building myself up for a let down, but I just want to make a scarf. I know I have made many declarations on this blog before, like I was going to become a runner (yeah right, are you guys still laughing at me about that), and I was going to make bagels (which I am still going to do thank you very much), but this time is different. I will make that scarf. Sadly I don't have a picture of the scarf, Martha was being difficult (typical) and would not let me pull up a picture. I will have to show you that later. A couple of you know that I have been interested in knitting lessons and I was telling Niki this, and she hands me some needles and some yarn and says "there you go". WOW! So this means there is nothing stopping me, besides having someone who could teach me. Well being that we live in a world of YouTube I decided to find someone to teach me there. Surprisingly I have learned how to "cast on" and do a "knit stitch". But for this scarf I want to make I have to learn how to "purl" and work with 2 types of yarn at once. So Katie, what does Purl mean? Is that a stitch? I will also show you a picture of the scarf that I started next time. So there you go, I will be a knitter at least to make ONE scarf!

Now this post would not be complete if I did not talk about the babies! We had Will over the other day and I just love taking pictures of BellaRose and Will together. They really do just love each other. As you know BellaRose likes backing up and likes to back up into her chair (thank you Jessica!) and I guess Will likes to back up into BellaRose's lap! Will had cuddle time with me, which I love, BellaRose will sit there for 2.5 seconds and then get up and go do something else, but Will just stayed there with me. Sweet boy! I was able to get a picture in that 2.5 seconds of BellaRose being there.

And in conclusion~

You guys know that Movie "Lady and the Tramp", well remember the last word when I tell you this story. This is just too funny not tell and a little bit shocking. Most people have something to say about my name, but I have NEVER heard this comment before. I went to CVS to pick up pictures I had ordered and the woman that works the photo department says "I always remember your name" and I said "oh really" and she says "yeah I have a sort of demented mind. I think that if I had named my daughter Sunday she would have turned into a __________ (insert last word of movie title here)". OMG! That is all I am going to say.

The End!


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

some people just dont think before they speak do they!!!

I love BellaRose in those little jeans all cuffed!!!! oh my word that is precious.

You can make the scarf....I have faith!

LisserCoates said...

Another hobby! Girl-You can't sit still. I am sure you will make a fabulous scarf, please eventually make me one too.

CortneyTree said...

Trust me, as scarf is SUPER easy, especially if you use big needles to get a big, loose, chunky scarf (that's what I did my first time--I made a smaller knit ribbed one too, but man, it FLIES when you use the big guns!). I even got so bold as to make socks (once, I need to get motivated and try it again). That year I was crazy and made all the ladies in my family purses too, with silk lining and bamboo handles, they were super cute and also insanely easy. I have every bit of faith in you on this one! You'll get hooked! I love my scarves!

Becky Swann said...

That is so funny about the lady at CVS did you let her know that you are a Lady! because you are! Lady Sunday that is what we always call you! I think knitting sounds like a good cold weather activity, I have crocheted before and I sucked at it, I made one weird looking hat, but I don't know if that is similar! I hope you do stick it out that would be pretty cool. I love the picture of will sitting in BellaRose's lap that is so funny, I need to comeover next time you watch him.

Julie said...

I am sure you will do well with your knitting endeavors. You could give scarfs for presents cause handmade stuff is the best.

That was such a weird comment from the lady in CVS. I would think your name would give the opposite impression being church day and all.

cute, cute pictures.

Were you sore from class Friday?

Heidi and Richard King said...

Seriously? I can't believe she said that...surely she redeemed it with some sort of compliment. Anyways, I love your declarations on here. Please do learn to knit so that you can teach me! Cute pics of those little thumb suckers!

JTP said...

knitting is easy- at the first school where I taught in nashville everyone knitted- even the boys on the football team- it was a school angel tree project, so I folded to the peer pressure and learned, but the student who taught me showed me how to do it backwards so I am no help to you....purl I think means put the needle back instead of forward- or at least that's what I do. When you are finished you have to make a hot for BR- they are easy. I'm making baby William a red furry hat with a white furry bottom and pompom- a little christmas snata's easy. You will be great at it! get big needles!

sunday said...

Julie I was SO sore! I am going to go today, but you don't teach this morning do you?
Thanks everyone on the knitting encouragement. we will see about a hat. i am not so sure.

KatieKate said...

Seriously, girl... you can knit. And Purl *is* a stitch... you'll get it.

I totally don't get why people say things like that lady at CVS... I mean... really. RILLY. WHAAAAAAAAAAT? You shoulda looked at her nametag and said something about your great aunt _____ who farts all the time. :)

Anonymous said...

Your name does not mean that or come close to that kind of action.. I can't believe she would say that.. crazy CVS woman!

I love that photo off Will sitting on BR's lap! So cute those two!

I'm sure you can make the scarf too! Jen taught me.. and I even have a copy of the book she used to teach me.. if you need it, let me know!

sunday said...

oh courtney that would be awesome!

Niki said...

I cannot believe that lady. Where's the logic there? Very weird.

That's exciting that you're knitting. Glad I just happened to be packing up my trusty ole needles right at the moment we were discussing it. Actually we should call them my never-been-used needles. Maybe you could teach me when you get the hang of it.

Will and BellaRose are totally adorable together.

Jimmy said...

Sunday; my mom taught me to knit, you should have seen the output or maybe not. I know you will do great work. Can't wait to see a "Sunday" sweater on BellaRose.

I still have and wear a couple my mom made me and she has been gone since 81. She also made great baby booties as shower gifts.

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

This post is my favorite so far, and not only becuase of the amazing pictures of my son and your daughter. You are hilarious. The knitting, you go, you can do this. You tube is my favorite thing, I'v wasted to much time on it before and never learned anything.
I love to make declarations, I think it's funny when they don't come true. Why not tell people what you want to do and then when you don't it will be that much funnier to talk the running. I still have high hopes for you with that one.
When you learn to make scarf, you can go into CVS and show that lady that you are by no means a "T", because "T's" don't make their own scarfs, they only wear feather bowas.

Byerly said...

Okay, so I can totally relate to people commenting on names. Mostly people just look at me weird when I tell them my name, and then say "oh, that's different". But one time, someone said, "Did your parents hate you?" I mean, how awkward - how do you respond to that? Kick 'em in the shin I say! :o) I love your name!

Just April... said...

I want to learn to knit, too! I did do a chunky scarf last winter with borrowed HUGE plastic needles and two funky yarn types that made hiding flaws very easy (thank goodness)! But, I do not remember the stitches my buddy showed me. You have inspired me to ask her for another lesson. :) Can't wait to see your finished product.