Thursday, July 30, 2009

Breast Cancer 3 day

So one of my best friends, Margaret, is going to Washington D.C. in October to walk in the breast cancer 3 day event.  She will walk 60 miles in 3 days with thousands of other people in an effort to raise money for the fight against breast cancer.  This subject is personally close to my heart as my mother had breast cancer, and I am so thankful to say, is a survivor and past her 10 year mark a couple of years ago.  I wish I could do this walk, but I can tell as many people about Margaret and her walk as possible.  She has to raise $2300 by the time of the race.  HERE is the link to where you can donate.  Margaret walks in honor of her mother who did not win her fight against a rare cancer.  She will carry in her heart her mother, and all the other people who have been impacted by cancer.
Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Monday, July 27, 2009

this is the bed

This is the bed that I want Worth to build BellaRose.  Awesome right!?  With the bedding from the last post on the RIGHT!  I know we have time until the new baby comes but this takes loads of planning for this to come to fruition.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Girl Bed?

I have some bad news to tell you.  Well I guess I should not start that way.  We are all fine, but the bed we were all dreaming of BellaRose, the rod iron one, is no more!  I know you all were SO excited about it, but it just did not work out.  Too much effort, too much time, too much money, wrong bed rails, crooked frame, etc.  It really would have been awesome, but I am heading in a new direction, one where I am begging my husband to build her bed.  I mean come on, this was his major in college!  He can do this, I know it!  As you know we are expecting again in February and will need BellaRose's crib by then.  BellaRose was sleeping in her crib the 2nd night we were home, not sure what the plan with #2 will be, but I am thinking along the same lines.  BR does so well in her crib and never tries to climb out.  My sister, Angela, always tells me "Don't fix what isn't broken", but now that her crib will be needed I guess it might be time to start thinking about Big Girl Beds!  I am excited to decorate a new room!  I would love for Worth to build her a bed similar to the one on the left but with a higher middle and a little more whimsical looking and I am pretty sure we will ditch the bally things on the ends.  The bedding on the RIGHT is pretty much what I have decided on.  It is gorgeous!  I am real into white right now too so probably warm white walls with all the color coming from the bedding.  So cute, right?!
Nothing to report on #2 right now.  I will be 9 weeks on Friday and as you know things are pretty uneventful in the beginning.  Just the normal things of being pregnant.  Thank you all for your excitement from last post.  It sure does mean a lot to me!  You guys are the best!  
Pretty soon we will be celebrating a certain Grandma's 95th birthday!  Can you believe that!  So excited to see that woman!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The big reveal

Well I have been silent long enough my friends.  Today I reveal to you that I am pregnant and 8 weeks along at that.  We went to the doctor today finally!  It is always such a long wait, waiting for the 1st appt.  My due date is Feb. 25th.  Close to my mom's birthday the 18th and the day before our nephew's birthday on the 26th.  I have never been a big fan of February so hopefully this will change my mind.  I am going to try my hardest to give this baby as much lip service as I gave my pregnancy with BellaRose.  I know that this will be hard b/c BR is the center of our universe, but I will try.  I will try to post belly pictures, and give you updates as much as possible.  I know you guys are excited and finally Jessica's mom can stop hinting for me to have another one :).
As always your prayers are much appreciated for this precious little one!

Monday, July 13, 2009


We finally got a laundry line!  I have been wanting one and we were at Home Depot the other day and my dreams were fulfilled.  I don't care so much about hanging my underwear or pants out to dry on the line for the whole world to see what size I wear, but I do want to hang my sheets.  I have such fond memories of my mom hanging our sheets on the line to dry and the smell of them as you crawl into bed was just bliss.  Little B-Rose helped me today.  She handed me the clothespins and we worked on her math skills.  I would tell her I need 2 and her little mind would start racing and by golly she would give me 2.  Have I told you just how smart she is lately and how sweet this little girl is?  She speaks so well.  We can almost have conversations now.  Her new favorite thing is telling me when something is funny.  She says "Momma, thats funny".  I wish I had any savvy at a video camera because you need to hear her.  Such a sweetie!

What little kid doesn't love running through sheets on a laundry line?
Speaking of laundry you need to check out the new Avett Brother's song "Laundry Room".  It is  a new favorite for me.  It will be on their new album in September but they are starting to release some songs now.  You won't be disappointed.

Monday, July 06, 2009


These curls are just so sweet and the very reason why I have not and will not cut BellaRose's hair.  The beach air helped to form these, but to see her run and watch them bounce you might die.  
What a sweetie!
More pictures from the trip at my photo blog.