Friday, June 26, 2009

Worth grows a garden

So Worth's garden needs a little face time on the ole blog.  He has been working so hard out there.  Going out every night to talk to his beloved plants, and make sure there are no weeds growing up the spindly stalks and vines.  He has 24 tomato plants.  He promises canning is in his future although we don't have a canner and I am not sure he knows how to do it, but you can't really every doubt the boy.  Every time he sets his mind to something he generally always accomplishes the goal.  I am pretty sure I will have beautiful mason jar pictures filled with tomatoes soon!  BellaRose just adores going out to help Worth in his garden.  She is such a helper and you should hear how she says "squash", it really would melt your heart.  She does a good job helping but has not quite figured out when the vegetables are ready to be pulled off the vine.  She sometimes pulls prematurely but I am pretty sure we will have enough to spare.  We also have loads and loads of peppers and basil.  Which make the best Chicken Holy Basil EVER! I know that the bottom left picture of BellaRose is not really in focus, but I love her focus so much I just had to share with you!  Please enjoy our garden and if you around please come on over and get some fresh produce!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flower Shop

Thank you all for your e-mails and support from the last post.  It was a bit of a tough week and mainly for my friends.  My heart just broke for them.  Thank you for your prayers they will be needed in the days and months to come!
These are old pictures that I have been wanting to show you for some time.  This is BellaRose's original birthday present.  It was a flower shop and so cute but SO cheaply made we took it back.  We let her play in it first for a little bit though.  She loved it with the windows and doors!  I love the picture of her holding her hand up.  She might be over having a camera in her face 24-7.  Oh well that is never going to change!  

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Isle of palms

It has been awhile since I have posted.  We spent a glorious week at the Isle of Palms with Worth's family.  Here is the set-up to the right with our house directly behind, pretty nice, huh!  

Sadly since we have been home some very sad events have occurred and I am  very heavy hearted for my friends.  Just keep this little community in your prayers.  I probably will not be posting again until next week at some time.  Thank you for loving us so good as you always do!

I will leave you with scenes from the beach.  BellaRose had an absolute blast and adores the water.  That is pretty much what she talked about all the time, wawa!