Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OUter Banks 2011

So the long anticipated Outer Banks trip is now here. Maybe it was not long awaited but it sat on my to do list for quite sometime. What can I say, life has been full. This trip needs to be documented because it is outstanding. We went with Landon and Renee and their sweet baby girl Luna. Renee and I met one summer while we were working at camp and then we became roommates in college. Landon and Worth are good buddies too and boat together. It all worked out beautifully. What also worked out beautifully is that we decided to stay in Nags Head this year instead of heading further south on the Outer Banks. Hurricane Irene had her way with Hatteras Island and it was closed off to all visitors because there was no road. Our house in Nags Head did not lose power, of course houses a mile down the road did not far as well. The Outer Banks is such a unique place. The best way I can describe it is somewhat desolate and crusty. I really do mean crusty in the best way! Worth and I can really see ourselves living there for a year. Worth says the winters are pretty brutal. It is windy and cold with a lot of places closing down. There is something very appealing and challenging about that description.
I am posting a ton of pictures but I figure since I have not given this blog the time it needs then a lot of pictures will hold you over until the next time.
I hope you enjoy!

These photos are on Jockey's Ridge in Nags Head. It is pretty spectacular.

This is the day the swell from Hurricane Katia was coming in. The next day was the day Worth describes as the best surfing day of his life.

Hollings was enamored with the foam. You want to know what else she was enamored with, the raging ocean that she kept trying to go in.

We really had perfect weather and this dark and stormy sky did not deliver an ounce of rain. Pretty impressive.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1st things 1st

I am going to post photos from our amazing trip to the Outer Banks soon, but 1st I have to share pictures of BellaRose's 1st day of school. She is entering into her final year of preschool. I can't talk about it too much or I will cry. I have tried to get the doctor to tell me she is not ready for big kid school next year, he was not biting. Hopefully I won't spend my whole life holding my girls back just to keep them mine for a little bit longer. I also hope that is a natural instinct of most mothers and I am not some crazy lady. Well don't answer that!

Here is my sweet precious child who ask so many questions in one day my head spins.

We are working on a natural smile when she gets in front of the camera. I try to get her to think about her friends or things that make her happy so she gives me genuine, apparently it is a work in progress.

I think that Hollings feels a little lost without her during the mornings BellaRose is in school. She sort of wonders around. This time will be good for the 2 of us though. The 2nd child certainly does not get as much as the 1st did. Yes I know her hair is crazy and she needs a clip.

There's a good smile, probably because we had pulled up to school. She adores her school!