Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1st things 1st

I am going to post photos from our amazing trip to the Outer Banks soon, but 1st I have to share pictures of BellaRose's 1st day of school. She is entering into her final year of preschool. I can't talk about it too much or I will cry. I have tried to get the doctor to tell me she is not ready for big kid school next year, he was not biting. Hopefully I won't spend my whole life holding my girls back just to keep them mine for a little bit longer. I also hope that is a natural instinct of most mothers and I am not some crazy lady. Well don't answer that!

Here is my sweet precious child who ask so many questions in one day my head spins.

We are working on a natural smile when she gets in front of the camera. I try to get her to think about her friends or things that make her happy so she gives me genuine, apparently it is a work in progress.

I think that Hollings feels a little lost without her during the mornings BellaRose is in school. She sort of wonders around. This time will be good for the 2 of us though. The 2nd child certainly does not get as much as the 1st did. Yes I know her hair is crazy and she needs a clip.

There's a good smile, probably because we had pulled up to school. She adores her school!


KatieKate said...

Sweet girls!
I know just how you feel about the last year before kindergarten and the 2nd kiddo being a little lost. Gus just kind of stands there... and then wanders over to me to be held :)

Margaret said...

I love it!! Truthfully I think the fake smiles are kind of awesome!! But I really want to see Beck's true smile in pictures too so I understand. I was reading this article somewhere about making kids smile naturally (I am sure you know this already! but...) one of the things was singing a fave song like twinkle twinkle and changing star to cow or something else. I tried it with Beck and he cracked up :) Love those sweet girls of yours!!!!