Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sweet Rosey turned 5!

 Our sweet girl woke up May 22nd a 5 year old.  With turning 5 she made a lot of really important decisions.  She wanted shoes that tied so she could learn.  She asked to take the training wheels off of her bike (and she has actually ridden it w/ no training wheels too!).  She said she was going to quite sucking her thumb and she has shown a strong effort with that too.  She said she no longer wanted to wear a pull up at night, and has had 2 successful nights!  Our girl is growing up!  She graduates pre-school today.  She is thrilled to be going to kindergarten.  She loves to go by her new school.  I can't promise a tearless night tonight.  She makes my heart swell.  I mean I can feel it literally swell!  She is so full of innocence and I am terrified.  I know she is surrounded by people who love her and build her up.  I know God is watching out for her all of her days but I still worry.  What would be a mother without worry! 
I love you BellaRose.  You are my precious child and such a good good person!  Thank you for being exactly who you are.  I am sorry if my words are not always filled with love because you deserve nothing less.  You made me a mother and I am learning as much as you are.  My heart if forever yours!

 We had a bike rally on the Greenway for Rosey.  The rain held off for the perfect amount of time.  Thank you Jesus!

Friday, April 06, 2012


I love our Japanese Maple we brought home from Worth's parent's house in Concord several years ago.  It is my favorite tree.  I love hearing the wind blow through the leaves.  I love watching it grow.  I love that BellaRose now climbs in this tree.  I love that it will soon provide shade for us on our deck.  I love how the morning light shines through it as well as evening light. 
Can you tell I just love this tree!

Annie gave me this pitcher she made a couple of months ago and worth cut these branches from our Red Bud tree and Yellow bell.  A perfect combination if you ask me!

Love the pollen on the hands from climbing trees!

Speaking of things I love I must share my new business cards.  I know I have shown these of everywhere.  I just can't help myself.  They are just so beautiful. I love my new logo!  I love the gold on the cards!  I just love how these make me feel!!