Friday, April 06, 2012


I love our Japanese Maple we brought home from Worth's parent's house in Concord several years ago.  It is my favorite tree.  I love hearing the wind blow through the leaves.  I love watching it grow.  I love that BellaRose now climbs in this tree.  I love that it will soon provide shade for us on our deck.  I love how the morning light shines through it as well as evening light. 
Can you tell I just love this tree!

Annie gave me this pitcher she made a couple of months ago and worth cut these branches from our Red Bud tree and Yellow bell.  A perfect combination if you ask me!

Love the pollen on the hands from climbing trees!

Speaking of things I love I must share my new business cards.  I know I have shown these of everywhere.  I just can't help myself.  They are just so beautiful. I love my new logo!  I love the gold on the cards!  I just love how these make me feel!!


Dan and Annie said...

you sure are full of love! Lots of wonderful things in your life! especially that pitcher....ha! I think i can see BR as a teenager in that photo of her leaning against the! those cards are amazing and are so perfect for you!

Becky Swann said...

Remember the good old days when I had time to check your blog to see if you had written back to me like 4 minutes ago? I can't believe you did this post 3 weeks ago!!! Oh blogs why doesn't anyone read them anymore! Well see you later I will be needing a business card for my billfold...yep I plan on bringing back reading blogs AND calling wallets billfolds...just you wait SUnday just you wait!