Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Garden Post

Worth keeps bugging me on when I am going to update the blog with his garden, so here is the garden post, sort of. This really is Worth's project. He is actually out there right now tending to the back 40 (sqft). Well I really don't know how big it is but I just like to say that. Sounds so farm like. The garden is looking awesome as usual and we are starting to get some good produce. This weekend we might even have some string beans. That is new this year and they really look cool.
I went to Atlanta over the weekend for a photo shoot and Worth had the girls. He is pretty adventurous with them which is what they will always remember and love. He took them to the creek on Saturday and on Sunday he took them up to Grandfather Mountain. There are pictures but I have not put them on the computer yet. I will though don't you worry! BellaRose loved the mile high swinging bridge. The wind stole Hollings' hat while they were on the bridge . I thought it was a mile straight down from the bridge. When I said that Worth looked at me really funny then laughed at me. Apparently it is a mile from sea level and not straight down....whatever!

My Girls!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Still catching up!

Well we just got back from a wonderful beach trip to Isle of Palms with Worth's parents and family. It was as relaxing a trip as it can be with a newborn and a toddler, but fun none the less. BellaRose was in her element for sure. She was even running a fever at the end of the week and later found out it was strep, but she never stopped! She was in the water daily for long stretches at a time. She never once complained about her throat either. What a trooper. Hollings did awesome as well and slept several times on the beach under the umbrella. What a blessing.
Hollings is now sucking her thumb which I am so happy about and grabbing her feet. She had her 4 month doctor's appt. today and she weighs 13.6 lbs and 25.5 inches long. She is long and lean. BellaRose was pretty similar to this, but Hollings is just a bit bigger.
Sadly I hardly took any pictures at the beach. I did get Worth's camera out when the light was just perfect in the evening and snapped some of BR. The picture to the left is very similar to the picture we have of BR at the beach in the same outfit. What sweet little girls we have!
Thank you so much Big Poppa and T-Love for a wonderful trip. It was awesome!

The view from the house.
Not too bad!

Will and BellaRose have started swim lessons with Ms. Jaci. We LOVE Ms.Jaci! She has already done amazing things with our children in the water and we are only on day 3! Annie and I wondered how Ms.Jaci would do with having 4 kids in the class with 2 of them (Will and BellaRose) being so completely opposite in the water. Needless to say we only have raves for this class and Ms.Jaci!

We are so proud of Will!

The ol' Rain Dog, still hanging tough!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finally the birthday!

My first born turned 3 on the 22nd of May! I am just now posting pictures here on the 10th day of June. I have loads of excuses on why it has taken so long but I will spare you those details and just share pictures of this special girl special day, well really days! We began the celebrations on her last day of her 1st year of school! I could not believe that she was already done with school. I have the picture of her on her 1st day of school sucking her thumb holding her dog. To say she thrived in school would be in understatement. She LOVED it!
Then we celebrated on her actual birthday with a wonderful party surrounded by friends and family. She had so much fun! She of course started out her morning with pancakes and syrup, her favorite!

PRESENTS! She got her "baby guitar" that she wanted and a water gun. Worth plays with both of them more then BellaRose!

Preparing for the big party!

Julie and Julia, hmmmm, sounds familiar?!

Ben's "special lady friend" also known to most people as a girlfriend, Julie helped celebrate BellaRose's birthday and it just so happened to be her birthday too! I think it was meant to be!


Worn out from such an exciting birthday.
Sometimes time on the couch with dad and his girls is a good thing!

BellaRose is an amazing child. She is 100% curious and active, and hardly sits still. She immediately has to jump into the deep end when we get to the pool. She is very concerned about "good spots" such as when we are reading stories to her before bed and she picks out my "good spot" to sit, or where we park our cars at the store. She loves her sister and her family and her friends. She just got her first haircut by me after 3 years without one. You can hardly notice but the hair is saved for her baby book! She loves to sing, and read, and organize! When I am getting deli meat cut she reorganizes the condiment cart. If Worth or me is going somewhere she has to give us a kiss and a pat pat or she becomes deeply saddened. She takes care of her own and has no problem going off and being by herself to play. She helps with the garden and the purple flower she wanted to buy that is thriving, just like her. She can bring me to laughter in a heartbeat as well has complete and total frustration!
She is pure joy!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Oh this sweet sweet Hollings is about to turn 4 months old! We have taken to calling her "happy" because she has the most incredible happy smile, she also has a pout equally has enormous. It could break your heart. She generally is so happy unless she is hungry or tired, or sadly, in the car! She HATES the car. I can confirm that too, from our drive home from Altanta where she cried all but 20 minutes, phew! That was a drive. Poor BellaRose, I at least had ear plugs. Hopefully we will get through that hurdle soon. She is also rolling over from her stomach to her back. I have not personally witnessed this, but Worth saw it the other day, and I have found her on her back after I laid her on her stomach. She also is giggling just a little bit and cooing non-stop. We have figured out how to tame her hair so it is not a constant mohawk. When I do finally get to posting pictures of BR's birthday you will see the mohawk in full force. It looked like a wave in the ocean. Pretty intense. She really is a huge blessing to us. I know BellaRose cannot wait until they can play together! That will be so fun to watch.

I just adore this picture of BellaRose. I think it should be in a magazine or something. There is just so much to say about it, from the airplane in the back to the hair in her face, to her rosey cheeks, it just is BellaRose to a "T".