Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Garden Post

Worth keeps bugging me on when I am going to update the blog with his garden, so here is the garden post, sort of. This really is Worth's project. He is actually out there right now tending to the back 40 (sqft). Well I really don't know how big it is but I just like to say that. Sounds so farm like. The garden is looking awesome as usual and we are starting to get some good produce. This weekend we might even have some string beans. That is new this year and they really look cool.
I went to Atlanta over the weekend for a photo shoot and Worth had the girls. He is pretty adventurous with them which is what they will always remember and love. He took them to the creek on Saturday and on Sunday he took them up to Grandfather Mountain. There are pictures but I have not put them on the computer yet. I will though don't you worry! BellaRose loved the mile high swinging bridge. The wind stole Hollings' hat while they were on the bridge . I thought it was a mile straight down from the bridge. When I said that Worth looked at me really funny then laughed at me. Apparently it is a mile from sea level and not straight down....whatever!

My Girls!


Kristin said...

Big pat on the back to Worth for what looks like an awesome garden! And for having the girls all weekend to himself.
It doesn't appear that Hollings ever lost one strand of hair and the girls are so beautiful and sweet!!

Becky Swann said...

Love pictures of the sisters!
Any tomatos in the garden yet?
Worth should be required to write the post next time, I think I would enjoy that

JTP said...

great pics as usual!!! Worth kept the kiddies all weekend- he is a super dad!!!! :-)

Courtney said...

Tell Worth the garden looks amazing! I'm very impressed!

And those girls of yours! I can't get over the similarities... but they are sisters!

Byerly said...

Today I was proud of my 1st tomato -- then I see Worth's amazing garden and I know I'm just an amateur. :o) BR and Hollings are precious!

Heidi King said...

Daddys are so great when they make such memories with their girls. My favorite memories with my dad were on Grandfather Mtn. I am actually writing a post about that next! That pic of the girls is gorgeous! I miss seeing you guys. I've been in hiding a bit this summer but am going to come out to come get some veggies and see you guys soon!

Annie Singletary said...

worth is awesome! great dad and great gardener. you married well sun! i can't wait until it's overflowing and we can all help lighten the load! you guys are always so generous. those pictures of the girls are so precious. ahhh sisters. your pictures of them always remind me of how much i love mine!