Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Still catching up!

Well we just got back from a wonderful beach trip to Isle of Palms with Worth's parents and family. It was as relaxing a trip as it can be with a newborn and a toddler, but fun none the less. BellaRose was in her element for sure. She was even running a fever at the end of the week and later found out it was strep, but she never stopped! She was in the water daily for long stretches at a time. She never once complained about her throat either. What a trooper. Hollings did awesome as well and slept several times on the beach under the umbrella. What a blessing.
Hollings is now sucking her thumb which I am so happy about and grabbing her feet. She had her 4 month doctor's appt. today and she weighs 13.6 lbs and 25.5 inches long. She is long and lean. BellaRose was pretty similar to this, but Hollings is just a bit bigger.
Sadly I hardly took any pictures at the beach. I did get Worth's camera out when the light was just perfect in the evening and snapped some of BR. The picture to the left is very similar to the picture we have of BR at the beach in the same outfit. What sweet little girls we have!
Thank you so much Big Poppa and T-Love for a wonderful trip. It was awesome!

The view from the house.
Not too bad!

Will and BellaRose have started swim lessons with Ms. Jaci. We LOVE Ms.Jaci! She has already done amazing things with our children in the water and we are only on day 3! Annie and I wondered how Ms.Jaci would do with having 4 kids in the class with 2 of them (Will and BellaRose) being so completely opposite in the water. Needless to say we only have raves for this class and Ms.Jaci!

We are so proud of Will!

The ol' Rain Dog, still hanging tough!


Becky Swann said...

That one picture of BellaRose with the sun on her face is so pretty!
At first I thought the first picture was an old one of Worth and BellaRose!
Glad you had a good Vacation
Way to Go Will and BellaRose in Swim lessons!

Jessica said...

That sweet little picture of Hollings did take me right back to BellaROse. How sweet!!!Rylie could only comment on how pretty BellaRose's dress was! Girls....

Annie Singletary said...

so glad you guys had a good trip to the beach, but i'm glad you are back too!!!
i remember that picture of worth and bellarose in that cover up, it's amazing how much they are resembling each other.
we love ms. jaci! thanks for being so proud of will, i think he's pretty proud of himself too.
BR is just awesome to watch in the water, she's such a cute little fish.

Heidi King said...

Oh my...I thought it was a reposting of that picture with BR and Worth too. I love your family beach trips and how I vicariously live through them! I think the swim lessons are brilliant and love the pic of them together...Will and BellaRose are just so natural together!

Julie said...

I might need to look into Ms. Jaci for Annabelle some lessons too! I love the picture of Will and BellaRose on the steps together. How sweet!

JTP said...

ohhh the beach- so nice! BR could not be any more adorable... where are the pics of you????

Courtney said...

The beach looks amazing! I'm so glad it went as well as it did with both girls. I'm sure adding children to your vacation takes some of the relaxin out so I'm glad to hear it went as well as it did.
Such sweet pictures of BR. She is so precious.
Swim lessons look fun too. I'm glad Will and BR are learning. It is such a good thing to learn how to do at an early age.