Monday, May 26, 2008

1 and having FUN

This is mainly a picture post of Sweet Girl's birthday party. It was a blast! Hope you enjoy.

The set-up. The handmade custom banner was a huge hit and if anyone has interest in one of their own then please let me know and I will hook you up with Katie! Newell's mom got BellaRose this tutu when she was born and I have been waiting a year for her to wear it. It was almost like a wedding dress, all this waiting and the day is already over! She will wear it again, even if it is not her Birthday. We ADORE the tutu!

The party favors were Sweet Sugar Pie Pumpkins that people can cook with if they choose to do so. I thought it was appropriate with how much we love pumpkins around here and those are all the names we could call BellaRose, Sweet, Sugar, Pie, Pumpkin!

The MAIN EVENT, the much anticipated cake. The icing got a little soft while I was trying to swirl the cones, but over all I am very happy with out it turned out.

Loving the cake and the sugar crash that followed when I tried to take the tray away. She was not having it!

The finale with Matt taking BellaRose down the slip and slide and Sweet girl in a fun new party dress! We love it OG!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

365 days with BellaRose

Her life in numbers~
365 days, 12 months, 52 weeks, 8,760 hours, 4,868 pictures taken, 3 photo albums filled, 1 baby book, 3 outfits handmade by JT, 1 outfit, 1 banner (see below, amazing right), 1 pair of mittens handmade by KatieKate, 2 rose bushes, 1 swing, 1 sandbox, 2 car seats, countless wipes and diapers, 3 beach trips, 1 early morning fleeing Atlanta, 2 colds, 1 fever, 2 dogs, and 2 parents!
There is much more to her life then these and numbers! Odd that one so mathematically challenged as myself would even begin the number game. I am more inclined to chart my life by what month she currently is or that the rose bushes all over are blooming so appropriately on her birthday! It is interesting, those numbers. I mean seriously we did take four thousand eight hundred sixty-eight pictures of this little girl who has so completely changed out lives and all for the better. I mean what did we do before her? I know we had a life, but one that I cannot imagine without her now. We went into her room this morning and got her before Family Fun Time and I just thought "Oh my goodness, I only have 17 more years with this person". 17 more and that is it! If 17 goes as fast as 1 I think I might tell her that college does not start until she is 21!
While I was at the wedding from this past weekend, the dad gave a speech and I was crying and I don't even know them! And while I was tearing up I thought about Worth one day having to do this for our little girl and it made the tears well all the more. That will be one of the hardest days of our lives besides when she leaves for college. How is it that such a small little girl has brought out so many emotions in us that I never knew existed? I never thought I would love so much staying home with BellaRose, but I could not imagine it any other way. By God's Grace He has allowed us this time to raise her, and I pray so often that we do right by Him! So on this most glorious of days I wish my baby a very Happy Birthday, and I thank her so much for making our family so much better!

Don't you love this banner that I asked Katie to make for her birthday? This is our present to our Sweet BellaRose. We know she won't really remember this day and this is way more for us then for her, so I thought why not get her something that she will have for the rest of her life. It is such a blessing that such a dear friend was able to make such a lasting gift for BellaRose!

We went to WNC Nature Center with Annie, Will, Lydia, Claire, John Isaac, Susan, and Linda to help celebrate the big birthday. We are having a party on Saturday, but of course we had to do something for today. Sweet Girl missed her nap this morning, and by missed I mean: refused to take! She managed pretty well though and some serious petting zoo and fun had by all!

So there is no danger of BellaRose NOT loving some sugar. She killed her cupcake ice cream cone. Of course I had to make her a "cake" for her actual birthday. I appreciate Niki being brave enough to hold her while she ate the cake, it was everywhere. I can also tell you most assuredly that there was in fact a sugar crash as well!

BellaRose we love you so deeply! You are our heart, soul, and sunshine!

Monday, May 19, 2008

white wedding

Not a whole lot to share this post, but pictures. Worth and I went to a wedding of a friend of his (and now a friend of ours of course) at Lake Lure, and it was beautiful. BellaRose spent the night out with Aunt Jennifer and did wonderful. There is so much going on in that house and that she did not even have time to think about us not being there. This was the first time that Worth and I together left her for a night. It was a nice break, but of course we talked about her most of the time :). I am eagerly preparing for her birthday this week. Can you believe it?! This week my baby girl will be a one year old. Oh my how it went by so fast! I will save the long post for Thursday May 22nd, the most wonderful day of the year!

A little photo session with Little Bean for Mom and Dad hit the town, well the lake, but you know what I mean!

T-love and her boys, and Big Poppa trying to find some reprieve from the sun.

At the reception with Ben (who was in the wedding) and Worth.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Times like these

It seems lately that we all have just wanted to put our heads in the coffee mug. Sleep has been a scarce thing for us the past few days. I feel as if we are on the up and up though. We are still recovering from that horrendous fever BellaRose had the other day. Worth took her to the doctor yesterday morning just make sure everything was okay, and it was (hey we are first time parents over here). Doc just said she is probably still sore from the fever and that is why she is not sleeping, also I just know she is getting some molars, she has not stopped grinding on her hands.
Every morning we have "family fun time", Worth goes and gets Sweet Girl and makes coffee. We have coffee in bed while we all hang out. This is what BellaRose does EVERY TIME she sees the coffee mug. I guess this is what she thinks we do, which is almost pretty accurate. She sits there and sloppers all over the mug breathing heavy. It is a sight to behold!

Little Bean got her big girl car seat the other day, a gift from Big Poppa and T-love for her birthday. Although she is far from being a big girl as she only weighs 16 lbs "something" ounces (Worth went to the doc not me, so that is the weight you will get). I could not believe she has only gained a few ounces in the past couple of months. I am not sure if you have seen this baby eat, but she can chow. She is just getting taller and and taller, but gaining no weight (I might just be a little jealous). So we got the big girl car seat b/c she is just way too tall for the baby one now. Oh this just makes a mother want to cry!
We went to the lake at camp yesterday to take the dogs and Worth for a swim, and let Rainy jump off the diving board. I just had to put BellaRose in her bathing suit and cover up even though there was no way she was getting in that cold water. Come on, how cute is my little baby!

We had horrible wind the other day. It was almost apocalyptic. I was terrified and Worth who would probably be a hurricane chaser thought the wind was "a bit much". We woke up the next morning and fared pretty well compared to most people around. Enormous trees were down all over Black Mountain. Hundred year old trees just gave up the fight. I often wonder about that, why a tree just comes down one day after battling so many storms. I guess they just got tired, sometimes I think I understand.

Got to go on a bike ride yesterday. BellaRose was screaming not wanting to go to sleep as it has been the past couple of days and I just had to get out! Worth suggested I ride my bike, and that I did. It has been awhile, and I only rode to the bank, but it was still glorious. I hope to get out on the ole cruiser a little bit more now. Look how beautiful she is, cleans right up.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh Mother

Today is Mother's day and I feel the blog community is about to be inundated with post about Mothers, as well it should be! This day marks my first mother's day. Last year I just almost made it, as BellaRose was due on the 14th and Mother's day last year was the 13th, but she did not come until the 22nd and that is a whole other story. Sorry, back to the point at hand, mommas! I was reading a forward from a friend about Mother's and one of the quotes said, "Before I was a Mom -I didn't know the feeling of having my heart outside my body". For me that pretty much sums it up. BellaRose is my heart. As we approach her 1st birthday the magical question begins to be asked "when are you having another". I know we will....eventually, but right now I just could not imagine sharing this love I have for this baby with anyone else. I am just going to say it, she is my favorite! There it is, call me a bad mom, but BellaRose, hands down is my most favorite baby, she is my heart.
This past Friday she felt very warm to me, but I thought it was because it was so warm outside. I came home and took her temperature and it was 103! My poor sweet little girl. This was her first fever. That fever lead to a very long night with Sweetie Baby waking up every hour on the hour. At one point it felt like her temp was well passed 103 but I just almost could not even bare to take it. I find it interesting that this happened on Mother's day weekend (we can make it a weekend right?). I would have done anything in the whole world to take on that fever for her, but I could not. I just held her, and loved her, and told her it would get better, and it did, Praise the Lord, get better! I might not have said these same things last year while I was sitting there staring at my big ole belly waiting for this baby to come. I might not have said I would take on a 104 degree fever. I would have liked to hope I would but I could not promise you I would. Something changes the minute you have your baby and you are holding them in your arms. Nothing matters, not the pregnancy nor the pain of labor. My life feels complete right now, I am married to the man of my dreams who took my breath away the first time I met him and I have the most delightful wonderful baby in the world. I know when we have another baby I will have all those same feelings, but right now life is pretty much perfect!
I want to tell Worth's mom, Harriet (aka-T-love) and my mom (AKA-OG) Happy Mother's day. Thank you for everything and allowing your hearts to live on the outside in your 3 children, we could not have this family without you!
I also want to thank Worth for making this first Mother's day for me so special. What a wonderful man I am married to, I know I have mentioned that a time or two to you!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Airing the dirty laundry

BellaRose is in love with her bubble machine that OG (old granny) got her. She has not quite figured it out though and keeps sticking her hand in the machine. She also still adores her Radio Flyer push wagon. She just recently learned how to get into it. This is how I found her the other day while I was ironing. She just sat there talking to Rainy eating her rice cake!

We have all talked before how blogs are like our own little "bragging arena". We can talk about all the wonderful things we do and none of the bad. I feel convicted, especially since my last post where I got so much praise. I need to "air the dirty laundry". I am sure most of you know my dirty laundry, but now I need to just put it out there, acknowledge that I really am not great :)! Oh, and by the way, this garden is really Worth's baby. He is the one that loves on it and nurtures it. I do my part, but it is really his garden, I am all about my potted plants, like the ones you see from my kitchen window. Our own little oasis. Okay so here goes, the dirt~
~I hate shorts!
~I probably make people uncomfortable with how much I am trying to make them comfortable in my home.
~I am way to clean and I make Worth crazy. He sometimes ask me if he should move out b/c I am always moving his things.
~You must have a proper place setting if you come to my house for dinner or any meal really: cloth napkin, place mat, fork, knife, spoon, whether the meal warrants all of them or not
~If we argue it takes me a long time to cool off even if we have said our apologies, sometimes even days.
~I can get very grumpy if I am tired or hungry, VERY GRUMPY!
~I don't drink enough water
~I hate to dust
~Can't leave my house without making the bed.
~I get very upset at Chick-fil-a when they don't give me the right amount of Honey Roasted BBQ sauce, even after I have asked for a specific number (right Annie).
~I can get very annoyed very easily.
I know there are more, but those are the top ones right now. Feel free to tell me more if you would like, but just be for warned I probably won't tell you until a couple of years later that you really hurt my feelings!
Okay, go love on those Mom's and I will talk to you later (hopefully :))