Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Life is full and busy and fun and tough and if you blink then Roctober is over and the trees are bare.

  These are really the last photos I took of my family because any time since then that I have lifted a camera it has been to photograph other people's families.  Which is awesome, but naturally the documentation of my family slips to the wayside.  I came back to these pictures often because they are important for one, and they are just full of fall!  Where my beach pictures feel like you are at the beach, these fall pictures make you feel like leaves are crunching beneath your fit and your not quite sure if you are hot in your fleece or not.  That is fall.  Warmth on your back, but the breeze picks up and you are reaching for more clothing.  This Roctober was awesome, filled with fall festivals, birthday candles, pumpkins, candy, hayrides, bounce houses, Christmas tree farms, Beech Mountain, photography, friends, and family.  

Met up with friends at their family's Christmas tree farm and had an amazing fall day with a little work mixed in there.  You can see those pictures HERE.

 We love going to the High Country, this picture is right after the viaduct on the parkway. 

Yes I also realize now, after having it pointed out, that Rainy is relieving herself.  I will leave the picture.

BellaRose took this picture of us.

Attempts at the family picture:

 Worth pointed out this tree, looks like a little preggy tree.

Worth proved to be an awesome assistant during a photo shoot.