Monday, April 27, 2009

Blog worthy

Worth and I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Hilton Head Island, babyless, to celebrate Leah's wedding!  It was SUCH a fun time.  I just wish it was a wedding week and not weekend!  The blog was the subject of several conversations and whether people would make the cute or not.  So here you go Smith family women (Peanut where are you?), you are officially blog worthy and have made the blog, it only took an awesome wedding to be on here!  Good thing you have two more girls to go, just more chances to be on here :)!

We got to meet Newell's new man who cannot be mentioned by name, something about a warrant....... ha just kidding.  Dottie you have made it too!  And believe it or not I have finally made it in some pictures.

The gorgeous bride living The High Life!
Thank you again everyone.  Thank you Leah for getting married and having us at your wedding.  Thank you Hefners, big Poppa, and T-love for watching the little girl.  It was an awesome trip, just went by way too fast!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

 Been busy around here.  

We had such a lovely Easter.  My mom came on Good Friday and we enjoyed a great lunch at the Veranda and BellaRose enjoyed getting new Easter shoes from her OG!  We got so many compliments on them Mom, thank you so much!  Saturday we celebrated Ellen's first birthday.  It was such a wonderful party, Becky!!!  You can check out those pictures on my photo blog.
 We went to church on Easter morning and then brunch at the Singeltary's.  Thank you for including us in your family meal.  BellaRose and Will had a blast hunting Easter eggs.  I was not sure that BellaRose would really get it, but once girlfriend found her first egg, the hunt was on.  

I am not sure if it is just BellaRose or all babies, but this child could be a little OCD about some things.  For instance we can't pass an form of water without the child wanting to strip naked and jump in said water.  Swim lessons can't come fast enough.  Another obsession of hers is lotion.  We can't put it on anywhere around her without her wanting some.  This will be beneficial to us in the summer when we are having to load her down with sunscreen.  The middle picture below is of her on Easter afternoon after her nap.  We were putting sunscreen on her and she could not get enough, she had to put it on herself and then sit there and smell it.  She is one funny kid!
Isn't that just the sweetest Easter dress EVER!

So I feel like I have been totally consumed with the photo blog, the photo website, and reading, reading, reading about photography and cameras.  My brain is on complete overload.  I know I have completely bogged down my computer with huge pictures and am not sure what to do.  Do I need an external hard drive?  What do I do once I get one?  Also what is better photoshop or adobe lightroom?  So many questions!  I could go on and on.  I mention this, not to complain but to tell you where my mind has been recently.  I really do feel like I am learning, which is exciting.  I really do feel like I am doing the right thing, which is also exciting.  I really do live and breath photography right now, and I have to tell you I could not be happier.  A photographer is all I have ever really wanted "to be when I grow up".  Thank you all for your support.  It has meant the world to me having you as my supporters!

One final note on the Grant family.....Worth has finally gotten Lasik surgery.  He has been saying he is going to do it for years, but he finally has.  His vision WAS terrible, but already the day of the surgery, he can see.  It really is a miracle.  A miracle that God gave us humans the ability to change our eye sight and the ability for the doctors to perform these surgeries.  Praise the Lord indeed!  He is doing great, a little uncomfortable at times, but amazing considering what they do to your eye.  

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Launch Party!

I know all I have talked about is photography and I do apologize for that but I am just SO excited to announce my official Sunday Grant Photography website.
Lets have a party, a launch party, right here right now.  Do a crazy dance if you want.  BellaRose and I did.  Tell me what you think!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Exciting times

So sorry to MIA lately.  Like I said on my photo blog I have been a busy girl lately, learning as much of this photo business as I can.  I am almost ready to launch my official website!!  This is so exciting.  I had many frustrating moments learning about the website, but I powered through and it is really looking good.  I also got some wonderful camera equipment (thanks Courtney!) that I can't wait to start using.  I am so excited about this adventure.  So please tell your friends and family about me, spread the word!!  Sunday Grant Photography is happening and I am ready to start shooting (my camera)!!

Speaking of powering through, I ran my 2nd 5k race of the year.  It really was a blast.  It was much hillier then the treadmill, but I powered through and beat my last time by 5 minutes!!  I was very pleased.  It was just a fun race in general because it was pretty much all of Black Mountain there, and it started and began at Pisgah Brewery.  You just can't beat that atmosphere.  If you have never been to Pisgah and are in this area it would behoove you to go and support our local economy!