Friday, March 27, 2009

Beckett Hales Lowrance

We got to go to the hospital and take Matt and Margaret some lunch and meet that sweet baby boy we have been loving on in utero!  The family is doing fabulous and they are so in love with Beckett.  

Matt giving BellaRose some love.  I think that Matt is BellaRose's super hero!  She adores him!
She also adores babies and especially Beckett.  She was so very sweet with him!
Thank you Matt and Margaret for sharing your sweet boy with us. 

Sweet Baby Beckett!!

Sweet Baby Beckett made his grand entrance into the world yesterday!  He is the son to Matt and Margaret Lowrance, some of our best friends here.  We are so excited to have this little boy around.  We can't wait to meet him today and bring you back some pictures.  I think that Margaret might have had the longest labor I have ever heard of, but she did so well, and is in super high spirits!  Always the trooper, that Margaret!
Beckett weighed 6lbs 15oz and 19 inches long.
Sweet little peanut.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I believe in black and white pictures.
So Becky is starting a pretty fun game and I would like to join in and support her, because I believe in supporting your friends :)
Here's how it goes, write 5 beliefs or rules you live by, you can't be preachy, serious, religious, or political.  
1. I believe in the SUN and being outside!
2. I believe to sitting down and eating a meal with your family with cloth napkins and place-mats
3.  I believe in recycling, composting, and bringing your own bags
4.  I believe in a great pair of jeans (or pairs)
5.  I believe in fabulous vegetable and flower gardens and sharing them with your friends, and I believe in ALL seasons.

I know that there are many many more and maybe I will continue to add to the list but Becky only said 5 and I already snuck in a few extra.  So tell me what you believe in!

Friday, March 13, 2009


There has never been a time when I have not wanted to be a photographer.  I have the chance now to follow that dream.  As many of you know I have recently launched Sunday Grant Photography.  I am so excited about this adventure.  It is scary to put myself and my work out there  It is only because of all of your encouragement that I am even doing this.  Thank you!  I invite you over to my photo blog, and I invite you to tell me honestly what you think, what could change, what could be better, and what is just perfect.  My photography captures life as it happens.  It is not staged or posed, it is just me and my camera following the subject (usually BellaRose) around in the places that they are most comfortable.  I hope that it speaks to you and that the images are something that would be treasured for lifetimes to come.  As Margaret says life is so much more exciting then staged photos.  I hope people allow me the chance to show them the world, their families, their special events, their lives through my lens. 

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Southern Living

It seems a little odd for me to be writing to you about snow when yesterday I was in a sundress sitting in my front yard getting a tan.  But like I have said before you gotta love the south.  Snow on Monday, snowboarding on Tuesday, laying out Friday!  Speaking of snowboarding, Worth and I got to go thanks to Annie!  What a gorgeous wonderful day.  It did my soul good to be back on my board!  THANK YOU ANNIE!!!!
What would a snow day be without a picture of my Christmas tree, which by the way is now gone!  I was so sad.  Last night we had a fire, and I see the fire get real big every few minutes and then Margaret mentions my tree being burned!   My beautiful Christmas tree, which by the way still had not lost a single needle, BURNED!  Boys just like fire.  I do realize it is March and time for this to happen, but it is still just breaks my heart!

Yesterday I went with Annie and Sara to the Jcrew sidewalk sale.  It opened at 10 and we were there by 9:15.  We sat in line as we watched the Jcrew staff line boxes of clothes up in a U shape, and as this happens I see the people in front of me start to stretch and eye the few things we could see.  I started to get a little nervous what was about to happen?!  I am not a digger or a thrift store shopper (although I used to be).  I would much rather have clothes be beautifully lined up so I can see and then pick my size and be gone.  This digging thing is almost animalistic.  People become savages when any sort of bargain is to be had.  I am not real aggressive when it comes to this situation, but I have to tell you I am pretty sure I got the best deal to be had!  I bought a pair of gorgeous boots, THESE to be exact!  Check out the original price $300, want to know what I got them for?  $10.  That's right people, $10!!!!!  And they were in my size, are you kidding me!  They really are gorgeous and worth the whole trip.  Annie did get the only other pair in her size too, just a darker color.  I did get a few other things, but the boots certainly are the highlight!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

**WARNING**  Graphic content to follow, and then a beautiful picture post on a baby shower and a birthday :)!
One summer when I was working at camp as a counselor I was walking out of the dining hall with a camper and a co-counselor and the camper got all poltergeist and throws up mid stride, and mid stride I turn around and walk away.  I know I was being a terrible counselor, but all things throw up make me want to die.  I just can't handle it, I can't handle hearing about it, seeing it, smelling it, you get the idea.  In college my friend Steve would make motions like he was about to lose his cookies and I would dry heave and about start crying.  I am sure you are wondering why I would mention this on such a beautiful post that is about to follow but, I share this with because ever since  I knew I was going to have a baby I was always scared of the day that this may happen to BellaRose.  I would have no idea how I would be able to handle this......sickness.  I am a terrible wife to Worth when he is "sick".  I just ask from a very far distance if he is okay.  Satan took over Worth's stomach this week.  It has been bad, but we have been questioning whether it was the bug or something he ate.  I believe I found out this afternoon with BellaRose that it was a bug.  As I had BellaRose in the tub changing an explosive diaper with the contents strewn about me and BellaRose I realized that as a mother I am capable of much more when the child is mine.  I am not sure that I could handle it if the explosion came from her mouth, but a diaper I can handle.  I am praying that the sweet baby Jesus beats out this Satan bug on our Sweet Girl.  
***Graphic contents over***

Our nephew Noah celebrated his 9th birthday this past week.  We had the chance to surround him with love on Thursday.  Noah is such a sweet boy.  He is so caring of his younger siblings and BellaRose just adores him.  The sweetest thing about Noah is that he lets BellaRose sit in his lap and climb all over him.  I can't believe he is already 9!  Jennifer was about to have him when Worth and I started dating!  I know I say this so often, but time really does fly.  Before we know BellaRose will be 9.  Oh goodness, I can't even think about that.

We also had the great honor to throw Niki and sweet baby Julia a baby shower.  Julia is now officially equipped to enter the world.  Niki is such a beautiful pregnant lady too!  Thank you Niki for letting us do this for you!  You are so gracious.  Check out Annie's beautiful pottery centerpiece that they flowers are in.  This too can be yours for the low low rate of.........