Tuesday, May 26, 2009

to know her...

.....is to love her!
I know I said that last week but it really is true.  This child is precious.  She has such a gentle spirit about her that I can rarely express in words.  
My sweet BellaRose has turned 2.  I can now just say I have a 2 year old and I no longer have to figure out her age in months.  These past 2 years have been no easy journey, but a journey well worth taking.  I would do it a million times over to have this child.  I know I could be jinxing myself when I say this, but I really feel as if we have turned a corner with her.  She seems more content.  I do believe that teeth have a lot to do this.  I am pretty sure all her teeth are in and she is no longer in pain.  That is just my theory but to me it makes sense.  Sure she still has her moments, but she is so polite, saying her "please" and "thank yous" often.  She is so loving and so caring.  She ADORES babies.  She always wants to make sure that they are okay and that their mouth is wiped.  I am not sure why that concerns her so much but she likes cleanliness.
She loves animals and especially horses.  I may have had something to do with that but I am pretty sure her love for them came all on her own.  She LOVES her cousins, all 7 of them, what is even more special is that they ALL love her too.  
She talks about her friends often as well.  She always wants to go "this way" when we pull out of our neighborhood so she can go see Will.  We can't pass Ellen's house now without BellaRose saying she wants to see Ellen.  She adores baby Beckett.
She says her prayers at night and before meals.
This child is my heart!

Banner by Katie
Dress by JTP

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Courtney's game

So games are fun right?  People generally like to
 play and especially with these blog games people like to learn new things about you.  I could consider this one of my top 5 favorite new things but I won't.  Courtney started this blog game where I have to tell you with a picture (if possible) my 5 new favorite things that I am into right now.  
So here goes.......

1.  So this is old and some of you know and some of you don't, but my panini maker is the best thing EVER!  I swear by it.  Every sandwich is better when it is hot and grilled.  I just ate my ham and cheese sandwich right off of the "grill" and it was amazing!

2.  My new 85 mm f 1.2 lens.  You know how you all love the pictures where the back ground is all blurry and the people just pop off of the page, this is why, and of course my amazing ability as a photographer.....just kidding!

3.  Well I need a camera to go with my amazing lens, and this is it.  A canon 5D.  I love this camera.  It is such a joy to take pictures with this beast!  I might surgically attach it to my hand soon.  I tell you my arms are going to be ripped after taking pictures with this camera and lens.

4.  My new LA Made racer back tank top.  I am wearing this shirt as we speak while sitting outside typing this post.  I see my reflection in the monitor and I just adore the top.  It is white and I love
 white clothes.  It is racer back my new favorite style of shirt (so lets count that as #5).  It has ruffle so it makes a simple shirt seem so much more elegant and fun.  I wish my wedding dress looked like this!  The even better part is that I got it 15% off.  You know you can almost always find a promotion code online for any clothing you want to buy, or any product for that matter.  Just google "promotion code" for whatever store you are shopping, and all sorts of goodness will come from it.  There are so many sales and bargains happening now that it is almost ridiculous to buy full price these days.  That was some free advice for you, no promotion code needed!

Thanks Courtney for the fun game!  
I would also love to remind people to go to my photo blog HERE and see pictures of Nick and Niki's sweet baby, Julia.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's day

Check out my Mother's day present from my sweet sweet man!  I pulled in from my trip to Greenville and this was waiting for me (well not the flowers, but he knows I want to pick those).  I LOVE it!!!!  I just smile every time I walk past.  It has been my great honor in life to be BellaRose's mother.  She is just so special and so so sweet!  She is a helper to the core.  If I ask her to help me with something she stops in her tracks and gets so excited.  She is a ball of energy and never stops except for sleep.  I wish everyone in the whole world knew her because to know her is love her!

As I mentioned I went to Greenville for the weekend to help cele
brate my oldest sister, Kelly's, birthday, Mother's day, and Kelly's husband's birthday!  It was a jam packed weekend, but so much fun.  Rocco lost his 1st tooth while we were there.  Do you know how much the tooth fairy is giving out these days?  $5!!!!!  I wish I could lose some teeth...... just kidding!   I hope you enjoy all the pictures of the niece and nephews!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Full week

Even though I am pretty sure that we live in a rainforest now we were still able to have some good times outside and more importantly good times with friends!  Before I tell you all about the friends I would like to point you to the picture on your right.  I am choosing to call this little area on my deck my oasis!  I know all this rain is SO good on so many levels but one of the being the hope that my plants are just going to go wild with blooms. 

 Heres to hoping!

On to the friends now.  Kristin came up with her sweet little chunky newborn, Buxton!  He is just precious.  I have been wanting to meet this sweet little boy for weeks now and they were so gracious as to travel up to the mountains for this meeting!  Thank you so much!  Margaret also brought her 6 week old little Beckett over for the day to play.  Buxton is exactly one month older then Beckett.  BellaRose really was in heaven with these two babies around.  She LOVES babies SO much.  She is so tender with them and makes sure that they have all their needs met.  This is very encouraging to us (no I am not pregnant).  We also had a BOB rally around the neighborhood.  I guess some would say we were showing off, but when you have wheels like these, you just have too!

Yeasterday Becky and I went to the WNC nature center in Asheville.  BellaRose surprised me a bit with being afraid of the petting zoo.  One of the sheep "baaa'd" really loud and low and that sent BellaRose flying in the opposite direction.  She had no time for the goats either.  We thought that if Ellen and Becky were touching the goats then she would as well, no such luck.  Becky did, however, have a vast knowledge of goats.  You should ask her about it sometime.  I was also able to get some tractor pictures for Will's room that Annie has been asking for.  I think that they came out pretty well.  Check them out here.  Next we have to get a picture of an old firetruck and a picture of Dan's '88 (is that right?) 4 Runner.  

Monday, May 04, 2009

as I went down to the garden.....

It is that time of year folks, it is garden time!  We Grants love this time of year.  We scout the weather meticulously to make sure that no more frost is coming our way.  We have the bebe gun all pumped full of pellets in case some bird has their eye on our little tomato plants.  The horse manure has been spread, the ground as been tilled, and the rows have been hoed (?), the plants are in!  After much begging on my part Worth has finally let me have some access to some rows and I can plant my beloved pumpkins.  I thought he wasn't going to waiver on this, he says they take up too much room, I say it is my joy.  Was he willing to let my joy be tossed away with the compost, nope, not my man!  Lets me honest though, this is really his garden.  He plants, he tills, he hoes, I just go out and observe and pick the fruits of his labor!

Uncie Ben helps us out by entertaining BellaRose.  
Have I mentioned BellaRose's obsession with water before?  
Big Daddy planting his tomatoes, and BellaRose "helping".