Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's day

Check out my Mother's day present from my sweet sweet man!  I pulled in from my trip to Greenville and this was waiting for me (well not the flowers, but he knows I want to pick those).  I LOVE it!!!!  I just smile every time I walk past.  It has been my great honor in life to be BellaRose's mother.  She is just so special and so so sweet!  She is a helper to the core.  If I ask her to help me with something she stops in her tracks and gets so excited.  She is a ball of energy and never stops except for sleep.  I wish everyone in the whole world knew her because to know her is love her!

As I mentioned I went to Greenville for the weekend to help cele
brate my oldest sister, Kelly's, birthday, Mother's day, and Kelly's husband's birthday!  It was a jam packed weekend, but so much fun.  Rocco lost his 1st tooth while we were there.  Do you know how much the tooth fairy is giving out these days?  $5!!!!!  I wish I could lose some teeth...... just kidding!   I hope you enjoy all the pictures of the niece and nephews!


Julie said...

I love the colors in the pictures! How is the world did you do that? It looks so cool.

The window box is awesome too! The flowers you picked for it were just perfect.

Adam and Annie said...

So cute! I love your new window planters. That was a good gift! The colors are amazing in your pictures. That dress of BR's is SO sweet!

Becky Swann said...

Hey I'll knock some of your teeth out right now:)
Love the mother's day pictures!
I sent the picture of the window box to my mom, I had tried to describe to her that idea because my dad is making one for my mom and i wasn't sure if any existed so I was so excited to see yours! way to go Worth! I saw it from the road today it looks awesome

Jim said...

That man has talent. You are surrounded by neat people.

Courtney said...

You really do have a sweet sweet man! I love the window pot holder.. and the flowers are beautiful too!! BR is love!! So sweet and so precious!

Love the photos too!! You are still rocking that 85 and that makes me so happy!!

PS.. oh and I wouldn't mind loosing some teeth for that either!!

KatieKate said...

I SO want that window box! It's awesome.

And also... I would like that tooth fairy to visit me. Thank you.

LisserCoates said...

Love you present! How goes the garden? I am so behind on blogging I am going to have to read through all these posts...Miss Ya!

Annie Singletary said...

that window box is awesome.
the pictures are just great, that green outfit on BR is so bright and wonderful. special cameras do amazing things.