Friday, May 08, 2009

Full week

Even though I am pretty sure that we live in a rainforest now we were still able to have some good times outside and more importantly good times with friends!  Before I tell you all about the friends I would like to point you to the picture on your right.  I am choosing to call this little area on my deck my oasis!  I know all this rain is SO good on so many levels but one of the being the hope that my plants are just going to go wild with blooms. 

 Heres to hoping!

On to the friends now.  Kristin came up with her sweet little chunky newborn, Buxton!  He is just precious.  I have been wanting to meet this sweet little boy for weeks now and they were so gracious as to travel up to the mountains for this meeting!  Thank you so much!  Margaret also brought her 6 week old little Beckett over for the day to play.  Buxton is exactly one month older then Beckett.  BellaRose really was in heaven with these two babies around.  She LOVES babies SO much.  She is so tender with them and makes sure that they have all their needs met.  This is very encouraging to us (no I am not pregnant).  We also had a BOB rally around the neighborhood.  I guess some would say we were showing off, but when you have wheels like these, you just have too!

Yeasterday Becky and I went to the WNC nature center in Asheville.  BellaRose surprised me a bit with being afraid of the petting zoo.  One of the sheep "baaa'd" really loud and low and that sent BellaRose flying in the opposite direction.  She had no time for the goats either.  We thought that if Ellen and Becky were touching the goats then she would as well, no such luck.  Becky did, however, have a vast knowledge of goats.  You should ask her about it sometime.  I was also able to get some tractor pictures for Will's room that Annie has been asking for.  I think that they came out pretty well.  Check them out here.  Next we have to get a picture of an old firetruck and a picture of Dan's '88 (is that right?) 4 Runner.  


Becky Swann said...

I had fun with you too, "yeasterday" haha, Thank you for the free advertising for my new venture; goat consultation, I'm available during the week for all goat needs:) Thanks for letting me join the BOB parade as well!

KatieKate said...

Babies and BOBs and a petting zoo??? What a great day!!!

Byerly said...

Okay, I'm a few posts behind. I love Annie's idea for Will's room. The tractor pictures are great. ~ It's so fun to catch up with friends, and I'm sure it's encouraging to see BR acting like a sweet big sister to the littler ones.

Julie said...

I loved the tractor pictures too! They were awesome.

We need to get to the nature center sometime. We haven't been in a while. See ya this week and happy mothers day!

Courtney said...

Oh the Nature Center is so much fun! It is such a great outing for Moms too! (at least if I was a Mom I would think so). I'm glad you all had fun.

Love the garden and all your wonderful plants etc.. it always makes me covet your green thumb! Can't wait to see what all you grow this year!!

Niki said...

Oh what beautiful little babies. I love the one of all three of them on the floor. BellaRose is such a sweetie. And I can't wait to meet that Beckett!

JTP said...

hey- how did I leave a comment yesterday and I was the first one and it's not on here????? waaaaa... Well, basically I said BR's ponytail is too sweet... love the stroller parade.... and the tractor pictures...too much! I'll have to remember that when we get ready to switch to "big boy" room

Annie Singletary said...

i missed this one. but becky said that she knew a lot about goats, so I had to come and check it out. love some BOB patrolling, around Genesis circle no doubt?
your oasis is wonderful, can't wait to spend a lot of time in there this summer.
Those babies are so cute, glad they came to be nurtured by sweet BR. I must meet Beckett very soon.