Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Annie picked up BellaRose for her little morning camp the other day. BR was so excited that she went out and waited on the front stoop. She was sitting there saying "Aaanniieee, Aaanniiee".

The girls and I hung our sheets on the line the other day, it made for some fun pictures. Remember those same pictures from a year ago? Except Hollings was still growing in the belly and BellaRose looks like a peanut. It made my heart clinch a little bit seeing those pictures of her, and looking at those curls.
BellaRose and Hollings are getting a new Aunt, Julie to be specific! Ben is engaged! We are so excited for the happy couple and for us since we love Julie!

My brother-in-law celebrated his 40th birthday with an amazing surprise party my sister put together. Hard to believe he is 40 and hard to believe we are going to 40th birthday parties now. Also hard to believe that I got asked if I was the oldest sister considering my sisters are 7 and 14 years older then me! Kelly told me it was time to get out of the sun :). Happy Birthday Kev, we love you.

BellaRose's hair is severely crimped because she slept in the braids from the above picture.

4th of July is really one of my favorite holidays. I love seeing the flag flying high and proud and I love seeing people be so patriotic. This is a wonderful country we live in and I am so blessed to call it home!
Love Love Love this final image. The Angel trumpet singing out to Old Glory.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Adventures of Summer

Summer has really been a whirlwind. We celebrated my brother-in-laws 40th birthday with a very successful surprise birthday party! I can't believe Angela actually pulled that off! I have gone to Atlanta twice for portrait sessions. BellaRose had one week of swim lessons, morning art camp, and then another week of swim lessons. I am thrilled to report that SHE CAN SWIM!!! It truly is amazing. I am not going to leave her alone in the pool or anything, but she can actually swim.
Hollings will be turning 5 months old in 2 days! We are still trying to get her on rice cereal. She is not real into yet, but we are trying. She can now put her feet in her mouth just like her older sister did. It is actually one of her favorite things to do as she is doing just that as she sits in my lap while I type. She is becoming more and more animated everyday. She is also turning out to be a lover of water too, as evidenced in the pictures below!
So now here is a series of Summer pictures. The first ones are of Worth's Grandfather Mountain adventures with the girls while I was in Atlanta. It looks like they had a blast.

Summer fun, playing in the sprinkler!
I jumped through it too with all my clothes on but you don't want to see any of that!

Hollings first tries with rice cereal.

We went down to Curtis Creek with the girls when we got home from surprise party. They had a blast. Hollings loved being in the water. After we left the creek we went to the pool and Hollings played in there as well. What a big girl. Of course you all know that BellaRose had a blast. She even experimented with peeing in the woods, lets just say she does not have the whole idea down yet, but it was a good thing we were near water to clean off :)

I asked BellaRose to put her arm around Hollings, and she did, but would never look up, she was too occupied with her rock stacking.