Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goodness!  A whole lot and nothing at all has been going on here on the home front.  First this picture to the left, let's talk about it!  This is how my child went to school today.  She LOVES those glasses, she picked them out herself.  I am not sure where she gets the sunglass fetish from (um, yeah right).  Worth was asking her to give the thumbs up sign, she gave the number 1 sign instead, whatever. 
Becky and I went to Hickory Nut Gap Farms yesterday.  We both were in need of getting out of the house, and this gorgeous fall weather had us thinking about pumpkins.  Where else to go but a pumpkin patch.  I bet you guys did not know that Ellen is such a little farmer, just like her mother :).  I love this farm, they have the best organic meats and they are SO kid friendly.  They will be open 7 days a week in Sept. and Oct. with loads of things to do.  We said we are going every Monday, we'll see if that happens!

This was our attempt to get the girl's to stick their heads through the board.  It did not work out so well!  Look at this little baby calf.  It was all I could do not to climb the fence and give this cow some cuddles.  Would that have been bad Katie?  Momma was no where around but Becky thought it would be funny if I tried, I wonder why?

Ellen knew just what to do with the goats, BellaRose was much more interested in taking pictures.  You would think that this child would be all about the animals, but not so much.

The girls with their pumpkins that the mommas had to haul.  So worth it!

So all this leads me to why we needed to have a break.  Poor Worth has a herniated disc we have come to find out today.  He had an MRI on Monday and that was the determination.  If you know Worth then you know a solid week of him being on his back in horrible pain is just terrible for him.  It would be terrible for anyone, but this man hates to lay around.  It is hard on him b/c he knows I am worrying about him and having to take care for BellaRose.  Thank goodness we have some awesome friends and family who have been a wonderful support system for us!  BellaRose has been so sweet with Big Daddy too.  She will lay with him for about 10 minutes max.  She is like her daddy, no laying around for her either.  So your thoughts and prayers for Worth are always much appreciated!  Last week we were heading to a dinner at The Cabin to celebrate Worth's dad's birthday.  This is what the clouds looked like and it reminded me of hope, which we need.  Thankfully I had a wedding photography job on Sunday.  It was hard work, but I am looking forward to seeing the results.  You can always check out my blog, my website, or become a fan on facebook.  All good choices (sorry for the shameless plug:))
On #2 front, I have been feeling the little one move a lot lately.  Worth actually felt #2 too.  He did not feel BellaRose move until 22 weeks or something.  I know that was exciting for him.  As much as we try it is hard not to have this pregnancy over shadowed by life and BellaRose.  It is sort of nice because you just don't have time to dwell on every little thing.  Time is flying by and we need to kick it into high gear for sure.  After we find out what we are having it is on!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Working Hard

Here is the new paint color!  Ta..da!  It is called Tucson Winds, but I would much rather call it Tuscan winds because, come on, who really wants to live in Tucson.  It is from the Pottery Barn catalog, Benjamin Moore paint.  I went through a Hodge Podge of colors before deciding on this and I am very pleased.  Now I want some sort of pink pillows for my couch, I think it will look awesome!  Thank you again to my in-laws for painting for us while we were away!  
My friend Blair (whose blog is Hysterical BTW) inspired me to make Cinnamon rolls.  She got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  I have been wanting to make Cinnamon Rolls ever since Worth got back from Alaska some 4 years ago.  He came home with a very difficult recipe and I never attempted it, well my pregnancy induced sweet tooth kicked my bottom into cinnamon roll making over drive!  BellaRose, ever the helper, jumped right into help.  Her sweet disabled Dad (who has been laid up with a bulging disc? all week) made her some dough, while Momma rolled out the real dough.  Cooking for BellaRose is more like a full contact sport, flour is everywhere, but she sure does love to bake and help cook!  If you attempt to make this recipe be forewarned, it makes a ton!  I have three trays, with 1/2 the dough still in the fridge to make!  I might be in sugar overload.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finale to the Outer Banks pictures

I promise this is it for the beach pictures.  I know many of you have seen these on facebook but for those who have not here you go!  
#2 update...we heard the heartbeat on Monday.  Things are going smoothly and the heartbeat was normal.  I like normal!
BellaRose update..she is doing better in pre-school.  She sat for her snack!  They even called me to tell me she was doing awesome and sitting at the appropriate times.  Sweet girl.
I don't have a picture to show you just yet, but while we were on our trip my in-laws painted the inside of my house!  I have been so sick of the paint color I chose when we did the re-model.  It was a peach color and every time I looked at it I got mad!  I know that sounds dramatic but it was true.  I had finally picked out a color and was just going to paint real slow.  Wesley called me to tell me that they wanted to paint while I was away so I did not have to smell it!  AWESOME!!!  It was so wonderful to walk in from a long trip and have a newly painted house.  Thank you SO much!

Noah and I finally soaking up the rays.  On the last night we got sun!  We could not believe our eyes.  Ashlee sat on the beach most of the day in jeans and sweatshirts.  

The big wave.  Above Noah and Landon are watching Worth paddle out into the HUGE ocean!

Renee "Busting Caesars slots" I guess and Ashlee loving on BellaRose!

The first real sunrise we saw all week on our last morning.  Landon heading out for a final surf session.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A few more cool beach trip pictures.  The next post will be the final for the beach trip but there are so many cool pictures I have to spread them out over several posts.  I need to show you all the huge waves that were raging in the ocean that week.  They were unbelievable! 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

#2 at 16 weeks

About this time with BellaRose I gave you a belly shot.  16 weeks to be exact.  So here is your belly shot for #2 at 16 weeks.  I go to the doctor tomorrow for a regular check-up, but then the next one we find out what we are having.  I will be almost 20 weeks then.  I am a little off schedule so we are trying to get back on track.  It seems like things are going smoothly and that #2 is doing fine in there.  I think that I feel flutters in there but it could also very likely be other stomach flutters I experience quite often.  I will let you use your imagination.  This picture was taken on the deck of our house in the Outer banks.  Not so bad!  I will post more beach pictures next.  Now time for bed.  I one tired lady!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just a few more pictures from the trip to show better weather, although it has not been much better.  Really just one day, but we are holding our breath for tomorrow!  Enjoy the pics.  The one of the inside is our view from the living room.  Not bad!

Davis is on the right in the kayak, of course you all know who is on the left!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

a bit of rain....

..to say the least, about 7 inches of rain really.  This is our street in Buxton, Ocean Dr. baby!  I guess they mean that literally.  Hopefully this is the end of that system and sunnier pictures will be on the next post!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

1st day of Pre-School

So our little baby girl is off to pre-school this morning.  We will see how it goes.  Yesterday we had "meet the teacher" and new parent orientation.  While we were orienteering (does that word work there, I just like it) BellaRose stayed behind with her teachers.  Well BellaRose was the only one who cried!  Out of a room full of kids, our little girl was screaming.  One mother said to me "did you not prepare her".  YES woman I did!  As much as you can prepare a 2 year old for something that they have NEVER experienced in their life!  Today she told me "I thought about you so much last night", gee thanks! I am sure it was all heart felt, but COME ON!  It started off bad yesterday because just yesterday, for the very first time, she became attached to the stuffed animal she is holding.  Never before has she given this animal a second thought until yesterday right before we leave.  We let her take it in the truck but when we get to school we tell her she needs to leave it, because who would think she would care, never having any previous attachments before to this animal!!!  Well by George she did care and was crying before we even got to the building.  Well today as you can see I let her take him because the 2 year olds are allowed "warm fuzzies".   Does this picture to the left not break your sweet little heart?!  This is in front of her school, although you can't see the school.  Below she is with her new lunch box, and school bag, and of course the yet un-named new favorite stuffed animal!  Her teachers are really sweet and they seem to already love my sweet little girl, if they don't I will beat them up along with a few of my friends!