Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finale to the Outer Banks pictures

I promise this is it for the beach pictures.  I know many of you have seen these on facebook but for those who have not here you go!  
#2 update...we heard the heartbeat on Monday.  Things are going smoothly and the heartbeat was normal.  I like normal!
BellaRose update..she is doing better in pre-school.  She sat for her snack!  They even called me to tell me she was doing awesome and sitting at the appropriate times.  Sweet girl.
I don't have a picture to show you just yet, but while we were on our trip my in-laws painted the inside of my house!  I have been so sick of the paint color I chose when we did the re-model.  It was a peach color and every time I looked at it I got mad!  I know that sounds dramatic but it was true.  I had finally picked out a color and was just going to paint real slow.  Wesley called me to tell me that they wanted to paint while I was away so I did not have to smell it!  AWESOME!!!  It was so wonderful to walk in from a long trip and have a newly painted house.  Thank you SO much!

Noah and I finally soaking up the rays.  On the last night we got sun!  We could not believe our eyes.  Ashlee sat on the beach most of the day in jeans and sweatshirts.  

The big wave.  Above Noah and Landon are watching Worth paddle out into the HUGE ocean!

Renee "Busting Caesars slots" I guess and Ashlee loving on BellaRose!

The first real sunrise we saw all week on our last morning.  Landon heading out for a final surf session.


Becky Swann said...

cool pictures! Some double overhead at the beach huh! BellaRose must have thought double overhead meant double bathing suits!
Fabulous news about the normal heartbeat, and BellaRose sitting I'm glad she is finding her groove in morning school

LisserCoates said...

BR must love the beach as much as her mama.

Niki said...

Beautiful pictures, Sun. I have said alot about them on fb already so I will let it go at that. I cannot believe Worth's parents painted for you! That is so sweet! What a relief for you guys (well, mostly you.)
I am so proud of BellaRose for learning to do the right thing in preschool. I can just picture her trying to make herself sit down when she really wants to explore the room and do her own thing. She is a fast learner, though.
So excited about little baby grant! Normal is awesome.

Byerly said...

What a great family to paint while you are away!! That's awesome! - Thanks for sharing all your pictures.

Courtney said...

Love the pictures! They are really awesome!

I didn't realize you hated the peachy color of your house so much.. but what's the new color? I need to see some pics of that!

Awesome too that BR is doing so well in preschool! And a normal heartbeat! Praise Jesus!! All wonderful news!