Friday, February 25, 2011

New Photo Blog!

Hello out there in blog world! As you know I have been updating and redoing my photography web presence and the final step was my a photo blog. Well now folks, it is up and running!
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Thanks for always being so great to me and this business I am trying to create. I have done no advertising and every single bit of my business has been word of mouth. Let me just say you all are fabulous!!
Thank you!

Also check out Will and BellaRose throwing fist pumps and leg kicks on Today's Letters.
So sweet!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The fastest year of our lives

You know that ache you get in your heart when you love something so much? That is what I feel for Hollings. My heart is tight and I feel like I could burst out crying at any moment. How has a year gone by this fast. I honestly am almost in shock that I am not pregnant anymore let alone Hollings being one. It seems like yesterday that Worth was coming home from a nice dinner out and I told him I thought my water broke, and surprising you all in the morning with the announcement that Hollings was here, two weeks early! Hollings is a precious precious child. She gave us a run for our money when she turned about 2 weeks old (her due date). That is when the colic showed its ugly face. We finally found that laying her down on her belly was the cure. She did not sleep through the night as early as Rosey, but I have to give it to the girl, she is a good sleeper. She was forced to be portable, as most second children are. She would sleep on a towel in the shade when we would go to the pool over the summer. Of course who wouldn't want to take a nap like that, all warm with a steady sound of children playing and fountains running? At about 6 weeks she revealed that amazing smile to us and my heart lept for joy because the crying was becoming a little unbearable and my soul was heavy with the passing of my beloved Grandma. Hollings carries around the smile of my Grandma. The smile that tells you everything is going to be ok. The smiles that lights a room and stops people in their tracks. The smile of my sister.
Hollings is so lovable, so gentle, so funny. She really does things to make us laugh, on purpose. She brings a lightness to our house. She adores her older sister. She loves being near BellaRose. Hollings thinks BellaRose is the cat's meow.
She was born with a lot of hair and never lost any but this little spot in the back. I love seeing her be such a little peanut with so much hair. She stands, but does not walk yet. She only has two bottom teeth with 2 on the top just breaking through. Of course those two pumpkin teeth just add to that magnificent smile.
Having two kids is difficult, there is no two ways about it, but this year has been totally worth it. I would never change it, not one ounce, not even the colic. It makes me cherish these times so much more. It hard for me not to mourn for the last year that saw so many major events happen, but I will be joyful for the gift of Hollings. I wish Grandma could see her, but I can't help but feel close to Grandma when I am in Hollings' presence.
I look forward to the future, I just wish it would stop barreling by and maybe slow down a bit. I look forward to watching the bonding of two sisters. Giving them each a sister was the best gift we could have given either of them.
Hollings you are a precious child who has stolen our hearts. We love you forever! Happy Birthday Sweet Child!
You are 1 and you are fabulous!

The Hurray for Hollings banner is of course by KatieKate. Thank you Katie!

The shirt is by Custom Baby Clothes. Thank you JT!

Friday, February 11, 2011


I mainly wanted to share these sweet pictures of the girls. Hollings loves my new desk almost as much as me. I guess it is time to get a lock! My mom warned me about that once we put pulls on the door.
Rosey set up those chairs below and made a little jumping course. It is pretty much fruitless trying to stop that child from jumping. In it is in her blood.
Maybe horses are in Hollings blood too because she can't get enough of our rocking horse.

I also should announce that my new website is up and running! Check it out
Sunday Grant Photography
Tell me what you think, honestly. I am ok if you tell me my grammar is wrong, or there is a picture that is just not working for you, or if you love it (I really like that!). You all helped me so much and I want to thank you!!

Rosey Jumping, and Hollings Riding!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Little almost one!

My Little is almost one I am slightly sad about it and slightly blown away that a whole complete year has flown by so fast. How did that happen? I fear that time will go by only faster now. I am trying desperately not to let her birthday sneak up me. That seems pretty difficult on child number two. Each day is so full and busy and that the day is over before I even realize. Our sweet Valentine will be celebrated properly and her birthday will probably have a valentine theme. I know one day that will get old, but she is so darn sweet that is hard for me not to want to surround her in pretty hearts. After all she and BellaRose are my hearts!