Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goodness!  A whole lot and nothing at all has been going on here on the home front.  First this picture to the left, let's talk about it!  This is how my child went to school today.  She LOVES those glasses, she picked them out herself.  I am not sure where she gets the sunglass fetish from (um, yeah right).  Worth was asking her to give the thumbs up sign, she gave the number 1 sign instead, whatever. 
Becky and I went to Hickory Nut Gap Farms yesterday.  We both were in need of getting out of the house, and this gorgeous fall weather had us thinking about pumpkins.  Where else to go but a pumpkin patch.  I bet you guys did not know that Ellen is such a little farmer, just like her mother :).  I love this farm, they have the best organic meats and they are SO kid friendly.  They will be open 7 days a week in Sept. and Oct. with loads of things to do.  We said we are going every Monday, we'll see if that happens!

This was our attempt to get the girl's to stick their heads through the board.  It did not work out so well!  Look at this little baby calf.  It was all I could do not to climb the fence and give this cow some cuddles.  Would that have been bad Katie?  Momma was no where around but Becky thought it would be funny if I tried, I wonder why?

Ellen knew just what to do with the goats, BellaRose was much more interested in taking pictures.  You would think that this child would be all about the animals, but not so much.

The girls with their pumpkins that the mommas had to haul.  So worth it!

So all this leads me to why we needed to have a break.  Poor Worth has a herniated disc we have come to find out today.  He had an MRI on Monday and that was the determination.  If you know Worth then you know a solid week of him being on his back in horrible pain is just terrible for him.  It would be terrible for anyone, but this man hates to lay around.  It is hard on him b/c he knows I am worrying about him and having to take care for BellaRose.  Thank goodness we have some awesome friends and family who have been a wonderful support system for us!  BellaRose has been so sweet with Big Daddy too.  She will lay with him for about 10 minutes max.  She is like her daddy, no laying around for her either.  So your thoughts and prayers for Worth are always much appreciated!  Last week we were heading to a dinner at The Cabin to celebrate Worth's dad's birthday.  This is what the clouds looked like and it reminded me of hope, which we need.  Thankfully I had a wedding photography job on Sunday.  It was hard work, but I am looking forward to seeing the results.  You can always check out my blog, my website, or become a fan on facebook.  All good choices (sorry for the shameless plug:))
On #2 front, I have been feeling the little one move a lot lately.  Worth actually felt #2 too.  He did not feel BellaRose move until 22 weeks or something.  I know that was exciting for him.  As much as we try it is hard not to have this pregnancy over shadowed by life and BellaRose.  It is sort of nice because you just don't have time to dwell on every little thing.  Time is flying by and we need to kick it into high gear for sure.  After we find out what we are having it is on!


Margaret said...

Sunday, first of all love all the pictures!! The pumpkin patch looked like so much fun!! I gotta get me some punkins too ;). I am so sorry to hear about Worth's MRI. He has definitely been in our prayers as are you, BR and #2. Cant wait to see your wedding pics, the one sneak peak was so stunning! Love you four!!

Niki said...

I have so much to say! FIrst of all, I had no idea Worth was in terrible pain! I can't imagine him on the couch all week. I am so sorry, Worth! Seriously I would love to have BellaRose for a morning this week if you need a break. She can come play with her buddy and me. Second, I love the sunglasses with the hoodie. She reminds me SO MUCH of you in that number 1 picture. Third, that farm day is the perfect way to kick off fall. If I hadn't had a napping baby I might have surreptitiously followed you guys and crashed your pumpkin party. As it is, I am going to see if Nick will take me to do all that stuff sometime soon.

Sounds like number 2 is as active as the rest of the Grant family. When do you find out, Monday?

Can't wait to see you tomorrow either! Take me up on the babysitting. If you want. No pressure.

sunday said...

Thank you both SO much!!!
We all need to go to the patch together.
What about next monday:)!

Becky Swann said...

yes lets all go again next monday! Thanks for taking pictures it was a great day!I laughed alot at the one of them sticking their faces through that thing they are so silly! We love hanging out with you two always!
I am praying for worth's back, that it gets "back" to normal soon:)
Well back to farming...You know how I do;)

MC and Brian Phillips said...

Sunday- I want to meet y'all at that Hickory Nut Gap Farms next time you go. That looks awesome!

I've been feeling little movements every now and then and the last time I felt it, which was the most distinct ever, was Friday, so I've been trying really hard to feel it again. I'm dying to know what we're having too!

I hope Worth's back feels better!

Heidi and Richard King said...

Oh what fun...except of course for poor Worth. Back pain hurts so bad...there is nothing like it. We will pray for him...I don't even know what you can do for that sort of thing. Keep us posted. I love Hickory Nut Gap. We went last year. Mondays are not good for me but I will sit at my desk with envy every Mon. now. I love BR and her style sense...she is one cool cat!

KatieKate said...

Oh, honey... we have BEEN THERE with the back pain. Curt's even had surgery. I am so sorry to hear he's had a rough road... I know it's hard on everyone. Feel better soon!

Jim said...

Denise and I also had back problems, must be a epidemic. Denise did yoga and I took heat, cold and way too much rest.
We all feel for him, Michigan says get better soon.

Kim said...

Ha! I LOVE the picture of BellaRose with the sunglasses!!

Courtney said...

Love the pumpkins! Those are great! Looks like a lot of fun with Becky & Ellen also!

I'll also be praying for Worth! I can't imagine anyone like to be on the couch all week!

Oh and I love those sunglasses.. no telling where she got that fedish from! Love the wedding pics.. can't wait to see more!

Adam and Annie said...

BR is too much in that first picture! So sorry about Worth's back. We'll totally be praying for him. I'm sure it's KILLING him to have to be still! Great pics as always. Love you!

LisserCoates said...

LOVEing BR and her shades!!

LisserCoates said...

also give Worth hug for me, I hope he feels better soon

Kristin said...

Poor Worth! Give him a hug and let him know we are praying for him to get better. Back problems are the worst. I am SOOO excited that the big reveal is coming so soon. And I think it's good that you don't have all the extra time to ponder over #2. Cause most of that pondering is really worrying right? I want to come to that pumpkin patch! Maybe we will visit soon!! XOXO

Annie Singletary said...

such cute girls at the pumpkin patch. we need to get in on that soon. this makes me very sad that they are in school on different days. it's just not good.
so sorry for worth, he's been in our prayers a lot. I know it's been so hard on all of you. I'm glad that God gave you a sign of hope in the sky.
i'm going over to your photo blog next to see the sneak peak, i can't wait to see them. I know they will be so happy with them.
that little baby is gettin busy in there for her daddy, that's what she's doing, it's all sympathy movement for him. it's so sweet that he got to feel the kicking. sounds like you are getting ready and excited, that's so great.