Thursday, May 21, 2009

Courtney's game

So games are fun right?  People generally like to
 play and especially with these blog games people like to learn new things about you.  I could consider this one of my top 5 favorite new things but I won't.  Courtney started this blog game where I have to tell you with a picture (if possible) my 5 new favorite things that I am into right now.  
So here goes.......

1.  So this is old and some of you know and some of you don't, but my panini maker is the best thing EVER!  I swear by it.  Every sandwich is better when it is hot and grilled.  I just ate my ham and cheese sandwich right off of the "grill" and it was amazing!

2.  My new 85 mm f 1.2 lens.  You know how you all love the pictures where the back ground is all blurry and the people just pop off of the page, this is why, and of course my amazing ability as a photographer.....just kidding!

3.  Well I need a camera to go with my amazing lens, and this is it.  A canon 5D.  I love this camera.  It is such a joy to take pictures with this beast!  I might surgically attach it to my hand soon.  I tell you my arms are going to be ripped after taking pictures with this camera and lens.

4.  My new LA Made racer back tank top.  I am wearing this shirt as we speak while sitting outside typing this post.  I see my reflection in the monitor and I just adore the top.  It is white and I love
 white clothes.  It is racer back my new favorite style of shirt (so lets count that as #5).  It has ruffle so it makes a simple shirt seem so much more elegant and fun.  I wish my wedding dress looked like this!  The even better part is that I got it 15% off.  You know you can almost always find a promotion code online for any clothing you want to buy, or any product for that matter.  Just google "promotion code" for whatever store you are shopping, and all sorts of goodness will come from it.  There are so many sales and bargains happening now that it is almost ridiculous to buy full price these days.  That was some free advice for you, no promotion code needed!

Thanks Courtney for the fun game!  
I would also love to remind people to go to my photo blog HERE and see pictures of Nick and Niki's sweet baby, Julia.


Courtney said...

LOVE IT! I love that you played.. it is always fun to learn new things about people! Though I knew about the panini, lens and camera.. but I like the shirt too! I beat you look really cute in it! = ) Keep on shooting.. I love seeing you live your dream!

KatieKate said...

Hey... thanks for the promotion code tip! that's awesome

and I covet your camera... *sigh*

Becky Swann said...

High five for your top five! That promotion code tip is the best advice I've gotten in awhile that is awesome!
Did you get that shirt when you were with me?

sunday said...

becky, no it is from Revolve.

JTP said...

love your favs....Hmm- the tank is awesome- I would love one if I didn't still have the baby pooch at the tummy- so sad- oh well, summer starts today for me, so I hit the gym hard core tomorrow- maybe the tank will look good late July for wdp's big #1!!!! and also, the lens and camera are only as cool as the photographer! give yourself some more credit girl!!!!

Julie said...

Oooo, great list. I love them all!
Thanks for the promotion code advice. I never knew that and will definitely give it a try.

How was the birthday party? We couldn't make it after all as it just ended up being too much and too far. I can't wait to see the pictures!

Annie Singletary said...

i missed this one.
all great things,
makes me happy i could have guessed these things.
I could only find that shirt in xs now, very sad.