Tuesday, April 14, 2009

 Been busy around here.  

We had such a lovely Easter.  My mom came on Good Friday and we enjoyed a great lunch at the Veranda and BellaRose enjoyed getting new Easter shoes from her OG!  We got so many compliments on them Mom, thank you so much!  Saturday we celebrated Ellen's first birthday.  It was such a wonderful party, Becky!!!  You can check out those pictures on my photo blog.
 We went to church on Easter morning and then brunch at the Singeltary's.  Thank you for including us in your family meal.  BellaRose and Will had a blast hunting Easter eggs.  I was not sure that BellaRose would really get it, but once girlfriend found her first egg, the hunt was on.  

I am not sure if it is just BellaRose or all babies, but this child could be a little OCD about some things.  For instance we can't pass an form of water without the child wanting to strip naked and jump in said water.  Swim lessons can't come fast enough.  Another obsession of hers is lotion.  We can't put it on anywhere around her without her wanting some.  This will be beneficial to us in the summer when we are having to load her down with sunscreen.  The middle picture below is of her on Easter afternoon after her nap.  We were putting sunscreen on her and she could not get enough, she had to put it on herself and then sit there and smell it.  She is one funny kid!
Isn't that just the sweetest Easter dress EVER!

So I feel like I have been totally consumed with the photo blog, the photo website, and reading, reading, reading about photography and cameras.  My brain is on complete overload.  I know I have completely bogged down my computer with huge pictures and am not sure what to do.  Do I need an external hard drive?  What do I do once I get one?  Also what is better photoshop or adobe lightroom?  So many questions!  I could go on and on.  I mention this, not to complain but to tell you where my mind has been recently.  I really do feel like I am learning, which is exciting.  I really do feel like I am doing the right thing, which is also exciting.  I really do live and breath photography right now, and I have to tell you I could not be happier.  A photographer is all I have ever really wanted "to be when I grow up".  Thank you all for your support.  It has meant the world to me having you as my supporters!

One final note on the Grant family.....Worth has finally gotten Lasik surgery.  He has been saying he is going to do it for years, but he finally has.  His vision WAS terrible, but already the day of the surgery, he can see.  It really is a miracle.  A miracle that God gave us humans the ability to change our eye sight and the ability for the doctors to perform these surgeries.  Praise the Lord indeed!  He is doing great, a little uncomfortable at times, but amazing considering what they do to your eye.  


Julie said...

Well, i must start as usual by telling you how much I love your pictures. They are truly incredible. I just love the one of BellaRose getting into the wagon. That dress is beautiful. I am so glad you are getting to do the whole photography thing...you are so dang good at it!

Byerly said...

I can hear the excitement in your post. Photography is just a part of you, and it shows! BR's dress is absolutely perfect.

The Colorado Carrs said...

God is Good! He teaches us wonders.

I am envious of your talent and research. I want to do something like you are.

Rylie is the same way with water and lotion. Kids are crazy!!!

I cant believe how big BR is getting and that Rylie knows exactly who she is when she sees a picture. That makes my heart Very happy!

Jim said...

Great post and pictures and I have not even gone to the "photo" sites.
External HDs are a good thing, I have two large drives (they are not expensive) and I use them to backup my pc and laptop. When USBed to the computer they become transparent but with the failure of you main drive (which will happen sometime), invaluable. Having lost data both at home and work, caused the two backup drives.
Good for Worth, hope he mends fast.

Becky Swann said...

I think that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing, because your work doesn't feel like work and you love it! I'm so excited for you about this! Bellarose had gotten into a couple bottles of sunscreen I found open upstairs after the party! She is a wonderfully funny little girl.
Also, I hear external hardrive is the way to go

JTP said...

first- BR is sooo big! Wow! I just can't believe it! 2) I'm too much of a chicken to get lasik- glad to know, he got it, likes, it, and can see- amazing! and 3) i just love reading how excited you are about the new venture- you can "hear" it when you're reading the post- so fun! and so cool to be learning new things... what a greta example for BR!

Courtney said...

I am so glad Worth got the eye surgery.. he won't regret it.. I know I haven't. I hope it won't be bothersome or uncomfortable much longer.. it heals fairly quickly.

With photography, I has both photoshop and lightroom.. I used photoshop the most.. but lightroom I had heard in classes was a great tool and worked really well. I never took the time to learn it.. but in those classes it didn't seem difficult. It did work with photoshop.. so I don't know if you can use it without it.

I would recommend an external hard drive too.. it will help with all the large files.. and it is good to have a back up also incase your computer crashes and you loose everything you'll have a back up for your photos.

Loved BR's dress..and egg hunting looked like lots of fun!!

Niki said...

Those pictures are beautiful, Sunday! I love her sweet little Easter dress, too. BellaRose is such a funny and unique little person--and she makes a great model too.

I am so glad you are getting to do something you are so passionate about and have such an obvious gift for.

Annie Singletary said...

You have been living and breathing it, it's wonderful to witness.
What a sweet little easter bunny.
so excited that worth can see, it is a miracle indeed.

Jason and Jennifer Haynes said...

Yeah You are a Professional Photographer!!! I want to be like you one day when I grow up! Sunday I'm so excited for you! (I'm going to try to give you a call as soon as I end this so we can chat some more). You know I've always been one of your biggest fans!
Love the dress...does it come in "Jen" sizes too?
And Hallelujah! Worth can see!
Miss you and can't wait to see you real soon!

Adam and Annie said...

I can't believe how big BR is! That dress is SO sweet! So glad you're photography is taking off. I have no answers to the computer questions you were asking. =) So glad Worth's surgery went well. I know they were a pain for him, but I always thought his glasses were cute! Maybe he can be like Becky in college and wear fake ones sometimes! (I love you Becky!)