Sunday, February 15, 2009


I know sickness is inevitable.  With a baby that stays in the nursery at church, and goes to KidZone at the gym, and hangs out with all her buddies often, it is inevitable that she is going to get sick.  I don't want to have a baby that is in a bubble all the time, with that risk she is going to get sick, so......BellaRose has gotten her first double ear infection.  She is doing amazing through it all, but the doctor told us it is pretty painful when they have them.  When we took BR to the doctor she had 103.7 fever and was the saddest little baby in the whole world.  Her skin was on fire.  Holding her I thought I would get burned, she was all red and blotchy and actually fell asleep on my chest, if you know BellaRose you know that NEVER happens.  I was a little floored actually to hear that it was an ear infection.  You see she is getting her final molars, all 4!!  I was thinking that is why she was writhing and in so much pain, but it is the molars on top of the ear infection.  Oh poor sweet little girl.  The night before we took her to the doctor she hardly slept.  It was literally like having a newborn again.  That might have set our baby #2 plans back a little, at least for me, poor Worth:)!

I would like to take this moment to brag on Annie, because I know she won't do it herself!  Annie and I ran the Black Mountain Sweetheart 5k on Saturday.   She was really encouraging to me and cheered me on to even start the race.  I am in no way, shape, or form a runner.  I have no desire to run a marathon or even a 10k for that matter!  The last time I ran 3 miles was the last time I ran this race 6 years ago!  Annie and I had discussed pre-race that she did not have to stay with me, and that she should run at her pace.  In my head I was thinking that we would cross the START line together at least, oh no!  This girl took off.  It was almost cartoonish with how fast she took off I could see the trail of dust behind her as she ran!  I know she likes to down play her running and say she is not real fast, but I would like to tell you that she WON her age group!  How awesome is that.  The few times I saw Annie on the course is the few times that the trails lapped each other.  She was on the home stretch and I was not even to mile marker 2 yet.  So heres to you Annie, being the best little runner we know!  I hope you have a nice cold beer in your new beer glass, her prize for winning (isn't that funny)!


The Colorado Carrs said...

WOW!!! you go ladies!!!I have never even considered running anything like that, your both very inspiring!

Becky Swann said...

Way to Go Annie! I would like to see how fast this girl is, I like that you said cartoonish, Way to do a 5k Sunday also, that is still running for 5 whole K's :)
I'm glad BellaRose is doing better, I used to get those ear infections as a kid and they are painful! I felt so bad for her when I heard she had one.

Lauren & Will said...

SO sorry about the ear infection! We just got over the same thing and RSV. I told Frank it was like having a newborn, too!! Get some rest sweet girls! xoxo

Niki said...

That is so sad! I can't imagine how helpless you must feel with your baby in so much pain. I hope she's feeling better.

Let me just tell you that I can totally relate with you about the 5k. Annie and I ran in a 10K together last year and she finished a full 10 minutes (probably more, actually) before me. She's just a superstar. She can't help it.

Annie Singletary said...

ok, your sweet little pea made me so sad to see not feeling well, it was just so sad to see that usually happy joyful little one so sad. so glad you made it through and I totally understand how that could have set you back in the baby plans, but not too far, I hope. Remember our plan!!
and about the race. you were awesome, you ran so well, I was proud of you.
And, I'm not fast. yes I like to run, sorry about the excitement of the start line, cartoonish? which one? goofy?
you are funny.
I had so much fun doing that with you, it should be a tradition from now on. And....I loved our time afterward most of all!!!!
I will always think of you listening to Justin T's D... girl, D... girl, D... girl, that's what made you run so well right?
and...the chemical brothers, got them on your ipod yet?

Julie said...

Hey, it occurred to me late yesterday afternoon that you guys were both at kickboxing that morning. So, you ran that 5K after taking class! very very impressive.

Byerly said...

Oh poor little BR! I'm so glad she is on the mend. ~ Congrats on your race. Sunday, it is no small feat to run a 5k...I'm so impressed. The jog stroller and I are trying to get better acquainted before a race is in my future. :o)

Courtney said...

Yeah!! Sunday and Annie for running in the 5K.. that sounds like a lot of fun.. and I'm Annie is a lot faster than she gives herself credit.. (thanks for clearing that up for us Sunday!) I'm so proud of you for doing it.. being a "non" runner that you are.. that is how I started.. i still don't consider myself a runner. but the more I do it.. the funner it is!!!

I'm sorry to hear about BR's double ear infection.. I do hear those hurt.. I'll be praying for her to recover quickly!! Oh and to push back baby #2.. how sad.. don't let this get you down.. you know you want BR to have a little brother or sister!!

Jessica said...

Love the picture of Bella Rose under the bed! And that's awesome about the race. I am with you, Sunday. I have no desire to run a Marathon, but I like to run. Wow, a beer mug for winning the race . .. that is funny. It's like passing out pizza after you work out at the gym. But I love pizza and beer . .. and running. You go girls!