Sunday, February 08, 2009

Oh Baby!

What do you do on a snow day?  Well we build forts!  It was so cold the day it snowed here that we could only be outside for a few minutes, so being housebound we built a little fort for BellaRose.  She was having so much fun crawling through it, she was almost having as much fun as Worth!
I just love living in the south.  We had 3 inches on snow on Wednesday and by Saturday it was 65.  Can't complain about either one!

I love this picture of BellaRose, I am not even sure why.  It shows how out of control her hair is, but we refuse to cut it.  We are just going to be patient while it grows in hopes of one day it be able to tuck behind her ears or be pulled back in a pony tail.  Until then we will continue to listen to people gently suggesting to us that we cut her hair.  I also adore this picture of Atticus because he just looks like he is in his element.  He was so excited to see the snow.  He would dash outside as fast as he could and  then would run as fast as he could through the snow.  
And yes, we still do have our Christmas tree on our back deck.  It just continues to bring me such delight that I won't get rid of the beautiful thing.  Watching the snow collect on his branches just brought great joy to my heart, sort of like watching the snow collect on Atticus.  It just seemed right.

Matt and Margaret's baby shower!
This was one of the most fun baby showers ever.  It is hilarious when the men are around to open the presents, because their commentary will send you rolling.  I guess for the most part girls know what things are when they open them, but boys, oh that is a whole other story.  I wish I had videotaped it for you guys.


JTP said...

I love "snow days" for the exact same reason. 1 inch is enough to shut everything down for a few hours, then it's usually warm within a few days :-) It's 72 here today :-) Don't cut BR hair- it's beautiful! It will grow out- like it's supposed to. baby William's was just too long and since we didn't want him to have long hair, we cut it- twice. He looks more like a baby with short hair. I love her hair as is :-)

Anonymous said...

I loked at all the photos and I read all your words... but I am embarrassed to admit I double-looked at the buffet table and its contents. I am so in love with food these days.

Becky Swann said...

Oh I'm so glad the shower went well! I hate that we had to miss it! That would have been funny to hear all the guys comments though! Love the fort!

Niki said...

I love her hair. I can't believe anyone would suggest (even subtly) that you should cut it. Don't do it.

I love this weather too! But it is making me ready for Spring way too early.

The Colorado Carrs said...

Why do people have to tell us what to so with their hair! I think its precious, it is getting long!!!

Kristin said...

I love that you still have your tree and the snow collected on it is beautiful. And I love seeing Atticus to happy in the snow. My poor dogs barely get a walk these days and it makes me sad so that pic of Atticus made me feel better!
I hope you posted the pics from the shower on Facebook so I can see them looks so fun and I can only imagine how funny it was with all the boys there. Nice job hostess!

Byerly said...

Sunday, you are a trip. I LOVE that your tree is still on your back deck. It really was beautiful all covered with snow.

Adam and Annie said...

I love that first picture of BR. Matt and Margaret's shower looks like it was so fun! She's so cute! I'm jealous of your spring like weather. It was 36 here yesterday and it was like a heatwave! Seriously. Everyone was out and excited. We never get above 27. Adam had ice on his hood when he went surfing this week! I also loved the fort! I'm sure Worth went to town with it!

LisserCoates said...

Don't you just love NC. Margaret and Matt look so cute! It looks like you guys had a blast.

Annie Singletary said...

I missed this one.
I love it too, there is so much. That picture of her with the at and scarf are so you it's crazy.
forts are awesome, we want to play soon.
I loved that shower so much, couple showers are the way to go. Well, her hair made it into a pony tail, I saw it. glad that happened for you, it was really cute, it's paying off.
and...let's see. Margaret knows more about babies than I think I do now, and Matt, enjoyed his commentary very much. And, the food was awesome expecially the shrimp salad (need that recipe) and the little cupcakes.
whew, that was long.