Thursday, January 05, 2012

Christmas Craftacular Part 3

 Alright so we will continue on with Christmas so I am not blogging about it February!  I did want to include the crafts I did.  Something about Christmas gets me in the crafting mood.  I wanted to have fun wrapping so this is what I did.  You can thank all of these on Pinterest by the way!  I just love that site.  The wrapping was simple, just whole punch tissue paper, swipe some glue, and sprinkle away.  Brought a little life to the brown craft paper.  Let it be noted this is the same roll of craft paper I have been using for 6 years!  That's right!

 I also made the little wreath hanging in the window along with 2 others.  That was actually a Martha thing and not pinterest, but I am sure I can find it on there!  That is just an embroidery ring with clippings from the true hot glued around the ring.  Pretty easy!

This was my favorite craft and most time consuming.  Margaret introduced it to me on, wait for it...pinterest!  I bought clear glass ornaments at the craft store, mod podge, and a book from the thrift store, A Perfect Storm as a matter of fact.  Maybe I would not recommend that one again.  Not the greatest book for a Christmas ornament.  Of course Becky picked up on some of the words when I posted it on FB.  I also flipped a tomato cage upside down, taped the top and wrapped white lights around it to make a tree for outside.  I made three and sadly have no pictures of them.  I loved that project too.  3 strands per tomato cage is the way to go but I got tired of buying lights so only one cage got 3 strands.


Jessica said...

I just had to pin this so I can remember for next year! Love it!!

Courtney said...

LOVE THEM ALL! Love the wrapping paper alot! I might have to do that myself.. once my current paper runs out! Too cute!

Byerly said...

All that is awesome!! How fun. Christmas makes me feel crafty too, but you put me to shame!

M.C. said...

ooh, what a great idea about the tomato cage! I wish I had thought of that and done two for my front porch. I wanted one of those rosemary plants trimmed into a christmas tree form, but never got those either.

Lovely crafting! I love the packages, too.