Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Wrap up

So here we are with the final blog post of our wonderful Christmas. I am not sure who looks at this blog if anyone but I feel I should just continue on putting photos up sharing my family. So all that leads me to our trip to Greenville for Boxing Day. I love doing this trip! This particular year I really missed my family on Christmas day but going to Kelly's extends Christmas one more day. One thing I really love about Kelly and Andrew's house is their backyard/courtyard. It is perfect for the kids and all their new toys, bikes, razors, and go carts. The girls really had a blast playing with their cousins. 


Stella with the boys

Kelly and Christian thought it would be hilarious to cover Hollings' head in bows since they know how much I am not a fan of them. 

Family Life


Beautiful Rose

Hollings loved riding the go cart with Taylor


Jessica said...

I dont always comment but I always read! love the pics...

Byerly said...

I read, you know this:o) love it, love you!