Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Skater girl

I know I have already posted pictures of BellaRose skating, but these are just too sweet not to post. We went out again to let her skateboard, and she is getting so much better. Hollings loved watching her skate too! I had a wonderful post full of the things we did this weekend, like our ill fated hiking trip to Linville Gorge, but it is late and taking forever to load pictures. How about we just look at pretty pictures for now and I will post more later. The next two are my favorites. I love the perspective. Of course I really love all of these.
I hope to be able to show to you an exciting new website I have been designing for my photography business. That is where my mind has been really. I talked a little about that in my photography blog. That brings me to another question; I often wonder if I should just combine my blogs. What do you think? I feel like my photography blog is so business and not as much fun and personable, but since I already have this blog do I really need another one that is personal? Lots of things to ponder, but in the meantime you can look at my sweeties and tell me your thoughts.


KatieKate said...

Oh my word... that close up of BR's face is YOU. Maybe not your face, but the expression? I don't know. But it's you.

And, I say combine the blogs. You do so much 'casual' photography here that it will add a personal touch to your business site... which people like. Especially people shopping for a photographer. They want to see how you photograph your family. It will also cause you to post more... which they say is good for business- and friends who are far away :)

Merge your lives! Become one!

Jessica said...

Worth is such a proud daddy isnt he! so sweet!

I kinda like the two seperate blogs myself. I like to see your work side and your family side. But you know I am gonna check one way or another makes no difference to me!! I just love any pictures you take.

Stephani said...

Hi Sunday,
Pretty pictures, as always.

I just wanted say that as your business grows, you might become more interested in keeping your private life out of your business blog. You could always link from your website to a personal blog, or not. Having potential clients see your family blog might limit you as to what you feel free to post there (like your opinions or - heaven forbid - an underexposed or out of focus image where you kid just looks too cute to leave it out!). You might not want to be judged by your sentiments. Having said that, I do know of a couple of photographers who make personal posts on their business blogs (like this guy: and it's totally seamless. But I guess only the really great pictures make the cut.

Either way, can't wait to see the new site!

Becky Swann said...

Hmm deciding whether or not to collide your worlds, toughy. I think I'm with Stephi on this one. I am excited about your new website!
Would love to see BellaRose skate too!

Margaret said...

They are such little sweeties!!! I honestly think that you should keep your blogs separate. There is definitely something to be said for keeping personal out of business to a certain extent. And I think Stephi is right that you could post pictures of them when you wanted too. LOVED seeing you and those sweeties today!!

JTP said...

oh i love these pics!!!!

KatieKate said...

Whew! Totally out-manned on this one, eh? S'ok. I'll be a maverick.

Maybe a better view would be to answer some questions:
1. What does the photog blog do? Shows extra pics that you've taken of previous jobs, yes? If you plan to continue in that vein and it's working for you (you feel like people are looking and it's not a ton of extra work for you), then awesome.

2. Are the two blogs plus a website going to be too much to continually update and keep current? Because if NOT, then cut something.

Kristin said...

Go BRosey go! She looks ready for our half pipe if you ask me. Even MORE of a reason for you guys to get down here this summer for the pool, ramp, and now our awesome jungle gym. Have I convinced you yet?
I am a big fan of your more personal posts cause I really love to hear what is going on with all of you. I don't feel that you will be so open and honest if you combine them and a lot of times your writing inspires me and warms my heart. So selfishly, I say keep them separate. I have seen many photo blogs where some personal touch is added so I think it's possible if you find the happy medium. And I agree with Katie that you need to do what is easiest for you. Working and taking care of 2 kids is super demanding so at some point we have to let something go. Can't WAIT to see the new site!! Hurry up already. :)

Annie Singletary said...

what cutie girls they are. love that little skater girl. i'm impressed with her skill. whatever that move is she's doing with the front raising, she looks so proud.

about the blogs, separate them. keeping business and personal apart is a good good thing. i think you've heard this a lot in the comments before me, so i concur.

Sunday Grant Photography said...

thank you all so much! I like this discussion, it lets me know what people want. So what I am getting, and I think Worth would prefer this, keep them separate but add personal things to my business blog every once in awhile. I like that idea. I have a feeling I am going to be asking you guys more questions. It is sort of like my own survey. I like it! My next discussion might be music suggestions for the website. Be thinking about that. Going for a spa feel. Thievery corporation is in the front running.