Tuesday, June 12, 2007

3 weeks old today!

our baby is three weeks old today. it is sad, but good. i can't believe how fast it is moving. i thought i would post some pictures in color so that you would know that she was not just black and white! the one with worth brushing her hair is after her first bath. we did not get a picture of the actual bath however. she was not real into it and cried the whole time. of course it was only a sponge bath, she likes the kind where she can be in the water. i guess it reminds her of her former home. we are still trying to figure out this baby. when she is awake she cries. not all the time, but lately it sure seems like it. i have been told and read about this 3 week growth spurt and am hoping that is just what it is. she has just been real fussy. the last 2 nights of sleep have been pretty good, but i am nervous about tonight. it is usually every 3rd night that it is a rough one. trying to keep this stinker up during the day is hard going, but when she is awake and crying i wonder why i want her awake. we are learning how to be parents and how to be selfless. we know it only gets better.

blogger girls got together. we were just missing shanna and katie. look how big rylie is next to BellaRose. it was so great to meet Rylie Jayne in person. she is beautiful and she has the bluest eyes and the darkest eye lashes. annie was able to stop by real quick from camp, but Will did not make it since it was naptime. becky came over as well to greet jessica, myron, and rylie jayne. it was so nice of them to stop on their tour de north carolina. i know that they are going to have so much fun at the beach. i am extremely jealous!


Becky and Jeremiah Swann said...

Oh the blog sisters! We should all take a trip together and then go home and write about it in our blogs! haha then have a contest for the best blog and post the winner online! Too planned out? probabaly! I am shocked that it has been 3 whole weeks goodness, part of me thinks it is fast and the other part of me thinks goodness BellaRose what did we ever do without you! Those eyes are totally staying blue, like her Aunt Becky.

Anonymous said...

Hey Domenica: It is Lauren Blair, well, you would probably remember me as Lauren Gable from Lovett. Catherine sent me your blog address, so I could see pics of the baby (I hope that is ok!!) She is absolutely beautiful! I hope yall are doing well! Lots of Love, LB

Catherine said...

Hey, you look great! I definitely didn't look that good 3 weeks postpartum. BellaRose favors you. I can't believe how tiny she is...makes Jack look like a giant!

sunday said...

Lauren!!!! so good to hear from you! thanks for looking at the blog. so glad that cat gave you the address. please keep looking at it!

Shanna, Adam and Gracen said...

I'M SO JEALOUS!!!!! maybe on my next trek through a-ville, we can stop off for a playdate and photo shoot too. gracen would PLEASE like to hold bellarose and give her kisses. she's very into babydolls and babies these days. maybe she needs one of her own?! maybe not yet!

the tears are tough, but she'll pull through it quickly enough. that whole digestive track takes a while to fully develop and makes them so miserable in the process. the best advice i got was from this video with some doctor who promoted the five "s"s. let's see if i 'member:

1. Swaddling
2. Side-lying or stomach (like over your arm with a little pressure on her belly)
3. Sucking (LOVE those binkies, or the mama)
4. Swinging or shaking (not "shaking baby", but like a gentle quick almost vibrating shake)
5. "Sh"ushing in LONG (longer than you think you need to) shushes.

yay, i remembered!! and he says usually a combination of a couple will work and for some kids it takes all five going at the same time. they showed him doing this with all of these screaming newborns and got all of them content in less than 15 seconds. it was amazing. i didn't have that kind of success, but it might help you some.

ALSO (and sorry for this long comment), Oprah had a show with this woman who has learned the secret language of babies. i think its a dvd. and oprah.com probably has info on it too.

Dan, Annie, Will, Sadie and Mocha said...

So fun. I wish Will were in that picture. It was so good to see Jessica and Myron and see that cutie pie Rylie.
Yeah for Bella Rose being 3 weeks. It does go so fast, it's sad but it gets so much better. Especially when that 3 week and six week growth spurt are over. Will was like that too.
Wish I didn't have to be at camp so much and we could share in the pain of hearing them cry.
Your a great mom.

Dan, Annie, Will, Sadie and Mocha said...

Ooooo Sunday. If you want that thing on Oprah that Shanna was talking about I have them written down. That actually really helped me.

sunday said...

thank you so much shanna and annie. shanna we would love a playdate!!! thanks about the s's too, i will have to try it. i will try anything at times!!!!

Catherine said...

Hey! My parents are in town and I showed my mother the blog. She said "She's not even a baby that you would say you can tell would grow up and be pretty...she's just already GORGEOUS!" I have to agree

LisserCoates said...

I need new pictures of little Bella!! Its been a week or so and I need my Bella Fix!!!!!!!!