Tuesday, January 23, 2007

24 weeks

We did some nursery work this weekend. I hate that Worth has to do most of the work b/c he knows what he is do and I do not. I know that I can paint so that was my mission for the weekend. I painted and it wore me out. Who knew that growing a baby could be so tiresome. Now you have to have a vision when you look at the nursery. It is going to have a white chair rail seperating the pink from the brown, and Worth is going to put arts and crafts trim up around the doors and the windows. All the furniture will be white, and that is at the level of the brown, so essential the brown is an accent color. Do you see it? Also that green light will not be there. These pictures are the after and before. Not in the proper order, but figuring out pictures on this thing is really hard (i just previews this page and the pictures did come out before and after, but not how i had them arranged. i just don't get this thing). As you can see the deer heads are gone!!!! Score one for Sunday and Bella Rose.

This is me today, 24 weeks. I am in my last week of my 6th month, or on the last week of my 2nd trimester. In one of my books she is considered "viable" now if she were born. How scary is that. There is so much more to do here. I hope that she likes her home for right now b/c we are not ready. I will have house pictures to show you soon of the progress and the mayhem. Also sorry the picture is not so good, I have not figured out how to take tummy pictures yet.


Shanna, Adam and Gracen said...

i love those colors! i'm trying to decide what to do with gracen's room. it was a nursery already from the previous owner, painted in clouds, so we just left it for now. but now, i'm feel so inspired to paint something!!!

and your belly shot is precious. i can't believe you're already this far along!

sunday said...

man i really hate that belly shot. i may try to do a better one tonight. my hair looks terrible!!! anything side angle where you have to turn your head just never works. i will try harder!! i know i can't believe i am this far along either. i am glad that you are inspired by my painting. it usually does not inspire much :)

KatieKate said...

WooHoo! Yay for decorating. I so so so want to come down there and help...we could go shopping (with lots of sitting down breaks)...and find tons of cute stuff. Alas, I shall watch from afar.

Put your hands at the top of your belly- that always helps to define things. 6 months!!! Crazy.

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

You dont een look pregnant!!!

Love the nursery its going to be great!

LisserCoates said...

I can not believe you will have a baby in 3 months!!! How exciting!! I love the colors in that room, it is all going to pull together so nicely...hopefully Jp and I will come see it soon.

sunday said...

please come see it soon lisser and katie and shanna and jessica, and anyone else who wants to come. we have an open door policy here in black mountain!