Thursday, March 15, 2007

Name in lights

Look how pretty the nursery is looking. Isn't it wonderful! My visions for this room are coming to fruition and it is just as I wanted it. I know that Bella Rose will be thrilled. The trim and the chair molding just brought it all together. The goal is to have the nursery done this weekend. Worth has to finish up some trim and then the crib will go up. I hope to have it all done by my shower on the 25th so I can start "nesting". On another nursery note the lamp came in from my mom. The picture is below in an earlier blog. THANK YOU again Mom. It is going to be perfect! I will have pictures on Monday.

I came home from work the other day and had a surprise waiting for me. It was from Pottery Barn Kids. I was so excited. That is one of my favorite places. Inside was this towel set along with another and a sheet. It is from my boss and his wife and I think that it is great. It is the first time I have seen her name in lights and it is just beautiful. Bella Rose. My sweet Bella Rose! Which brings me to another thought. How should I do her name on her birth certificate? I want her name to be a double first name, so do I connect the 2 names BellaRose? Do I hyphenate Bella-Rose? I don't like it like that though. I like keeping them seperated but then it would seem like a middle name. Oh the dilemas of naming your child :)
On another note it is my Dad's birthday, the original Godfather! Here he is dancing with me on my wedding day. He was not quite sure how to dance to bluegrass, but I would say that this Italian man from Pittsburgh did a pretty good job. Happy Birthday Bucko, I love you!


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

you can just do bella rose and not have a middle name thats how shanna's name is. she is really shanna marie. you will see when they give you the form to fill out.

rylie loves bella's room!she cant wait to see it in june!!

sorry no handed typing...

how are we going to know when she is born? i am getting so excited i cant wait to see her!!

sunday said...

Well i want everyone to know it is Bella Rose though you know. Sort of like the name AnnMarie.
I can't wait for you guys to see her room and US!!! it will be so fun.
I can have becky or annie put post up and pictures. i wish i knew when she was going to be born too :). i just did my first load of laundry washing her things. i i have her hospital outfit all ready.

sunday said...

oh yeah what do i need at the hospital for just her. i have lots of list for me, but i guess i don't need a whole lot for her.

KatieKate said...

That pink in her room is the perfect sweet.

Hospital: seriously...they give you everything...diapers, cream, everything. So, bring her a cutie outfit for going home in and an undershirt. Oh! And a sweet little hat to wear in the nursery. Our hospital even let us use our own blanket to wrap her up in...but I didn't know that until later. You won't need much for her.

sunday said...

i will have to show a picture of the outfit that my sister gave us. it is so sweet. there are little booties and a hat!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Oh my my... I am so excited. Its like waiting for Gracie and Rylie Joy all over again. Waiting for Rylie Jayne was a different sort of excitement!.

Katie is right you wont need much for Bella but take pillows, for Worth, chapstick, slippers, a robe, your camera!!!, we took snacks too like gatorade and stuff cause the cafeteria closed at 6 and Myron likes to always have something to eat!

Yipee....come on ms Bella Rose!

Shanna, Adam and Gracen said...

i would take a several outfits. the one we "planned" on going home in turned out to be a little too hot for may 9th weather. and she made pee-pee on another one--that was before we learned the fancy diaper changing skills. take q-tips to get random crusties from little spots. they may have those at the hospital. we didn't deliver at one, so i don't know what is provided. gatorade is a HUGE necessity for afterwards, as well as something high calorie for you. our midwife gave me permission for a whopper with cheese from BK and fries, as you need to build up calories right afterwards to get the milk to come in. some people recommend those little frosted doughnuts for that too. you're supposed to eat an entire bag. and this was advice from a post-pardom nurse!

i like the idea of BellaRose connected, not hyphenated. are you going to do a middle name?

sunday said...

i sort of like it connected as well. no she won't have a middle name. I don't have a middle name either and it worked out great when i got married. My last name became my middle name. yeah i will have to think about the warmer weather in may for the going home outfit. the one we have so sweet!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

You should go with whatever you like! I agree with the extra outfit. You may also want to take something nuetral or for a boy...just in case..I am sure its a girl but I had that fear Rylie was going to be a boy. I kept hearing all these stories of women who had several ultrasounds and the baby was born the oppisite sex.

Of course my whole pregancy people had to tell me the doctors were wrong and I was having a boy. Dont you love when strangers feel the have the right to tell you things.Something about a pregnant woman apparently gives them the right!

Becky and Jeremiah Swann said...

How great is it that you have these friends to help you out!!
I like the advice about the donuts! that will be fun and I promise to bring you a Jamocha shake! you will have earned it!