Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rainy is having mental issues right now. She is being needy. I think that she thinks she is fat, maybe b/c we tell he she is fat. Don't think that we are bad parents, we are just kidding with her. Is this how it starts though? Will she no longer want to eat? I don't think so. We are trying to retrain a 7 year old lab. Do you think that it will work? We will let you know. She has become militant in her old age. She wakes us at 5 with a dog food bowl to the head (literally). When we come home she yells at us to be fed. We are trying to change her internal clock. This is what happens when you do that. They become insecure and want to be in laundry hampers. We came home from a friends house and Worth put his puffy jacket in the hamper and Rainy decided that is where she needed to be. She has NEVER done this before. All we could do was laugh and then take a picture!

Atticus is doing fine. Lisser just wanted a picture so here you go Lisser. He is still pretty much oblivious and I so love him for that. He did have another kill this past week. Another rabbit out of our yard. Sweet boy, I think it really shocks him when he finally gets one. Have you ever heard a rabbit die? It is a terrible noise. I don't recommend it!

So I am a little embarrased by our water heater. This is what it looked like when Worth removed the shelves and we were really able to see what is behind it. He found many things, 2 ashe trays (we don't smoke), a phone book, paper cups, pot lids, just to name a few. We fear these have been there since worth bought the house. The back of the water heater was baiscally exploded. I wonder if this could explain all the water damage on the floor? This water heater is now gone. Replaced by a pretty white one that does not leak. It was laying in our yard waiting for trash day, I have to admit we looked pretty trashy, but this family came by and picked it up wanting to sell it for scrap metal. I hope they make money!

Our wood floor is down! No more wood floor to lay. I am thrilled. A lot of the tools are out of the house. I feel like we are getting close, but we are far from it. I have a false sense of security. I need to get over it. We still have to re-trim the whole house. Get a closet built so I have my kitchen table, bakery's rack, nursery, and guest room back. So we are far from done, but look at the progress!


KatieKate said...

oh, sweet dog...you poor thing. don'cha just wish they could talk sometimes?

the floors look awesome!!! yay, worth! Sun...I can't believe how fast this has gone...I know you feel like it's been forever, but the baby is almost here!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Wow that looks amazing. It makes your house look 3 times its size!

Poor Rainey. Its cause she;s a girl and your pregnant I am sure of it. Red dog knew. She did strange things too. Just wait till Bella gets here her motherly instincts will come out.

Did you find any gold behind that water heater!

sunday said...

jessica i wish that we did! we found about everything else.

LisserCoates said...

Your floor looks amazing!! LOVE IT! I just want to hug ol'rain dog and atticus...I miss them so. Hug them for me and give everyones belly a good scratch too...tell rain dog aunt lisser doesnt think shes fat :)

Becky and Jeremiah Swann said...

Bella Rose is very blessed to have parents that are as hardworking as you two! One day I will tell her how her parents were so excited that she was coming that they took out an entire wall!

Dan, Annie and Will said...

Girl dogs, you gotta love their commitment, or hate it.
I think the hunger thing is a lab quality, Sadies got that going on.
Bella Rose will love her new home, it's beautiful. You are such great parents already.

Anonymous said...

Wow - good work! So nice and sunny
Yes, I know that rabbit peircing cry.... my cat !
Let me know when your having a shower :) Luv you guy's

Mrs Haynie

sunday said...

there is a shower on the 25th of march. it is a sunday at 2 at my sister in laws house. want to come?