Tuesday, August 21, 2007

13 weeks *sigh*

so Sweetie Baby is 13 weeks old. tomorrow she will officially be 3 months old. today will be the last time i call her age in weeks, but from here on out will refer to her age in months. this is a huge step for me, very big! man time is flying. does anyone know how to make it slow down? if you do please tell me your secrets. never in one hundred million years did i ever think that i would love a baby this much. well it has happened. i love her more and more everyday. she has rocked us and for that i am so thankful. we needed to be rocked.
at 13 weeks she can see an object, grap it, and eat it (well suck on it). at 13 weeks she is taking longer and longer naps and is waking up happy. she is taking a long enough nap right now where i can come and redo this entry (see previous post). at 13 weeks she smiles so much and loves to be around us. at 13 weeks she has decided she wants to wake up at night. so much for all the bragging about her sleeping through the night. she slept through the night from 4 weeks til now. sometimes i feed her sometimes not, but she always falls to sleep quickly so it is not a burden. at 13 weeks i have found my 2 chapsticks that went missing. i am able to multi-task once again. i am learning how to do things while she naps (like blog). at 13 weeks i am getting more and more okay with being home and not dressing up. although i still do, my high heels miss me! at 13 weeks my homemade french bread is get better and better. at 13 weeks i have become rested and become a mother!

i mean look at this baby. you can come and bite her cheeks if you want. she is so darn cute!
true story: while Sweetie Baby was sitting in her bumbo on the glider Rainy put the tennis ball beside her and expected BellaRose to throw the ball for her. i am serious true story! needless to say the ball did not get thrown.

speaking of 3 months: my mom worked on
this cross stitch while i was in labor with Sweetie Baby. 3 months later we have it framed and up on the wall. we love it, she will love, we love you!

rainy is going to win America's next top model and get a lucrative deal with Ford Model's for dogs. this picture is what won for her. i mean who would not want to buy this dogfood.
Special find of the week: Pandora Radio. this gem on the internet that was introduced to me by Becky (who is with child by the way :)) is amazing. if you love music and you want to find new music like it go there. you will not be disappointed. my two special finds of many are Sonya Kitchell and Colin Hay. Colin Hay is of "Men at work" fame. Go, listen, love!


Becky and Jeremiah Swann said...

I have a great idea! You an I should trade I cannot wait for a month to go by and yours is going by too fast,That way I can be done with barfing and you can enjoy Bella rose! it is a remarkable plan!

sunday said...

barfing!!! what a funny word. i would not trade places with you in a million years :). i hate barfing

MC and Brian Phillips said...

Great post - sorry you had to redo it, but in retrospect, that picture of BellaRose is just perfect for the "aargh" blog.

You all seem SO happy and I'm SO happy for you! I wish I could just pop by and taste your french bread and learn your baking secrets!

Tah Tah!

MC and Brian Phillips said...

Oh yea, I remember what else I was going to say: (I'm so a.d.d.)

Colin Hay is awesome and I can't wait to check out pandora.com. I love music!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

i want to see her!
Rylie will get the biggest kick out her. she is a trip. it only gets better the older she gets.

i too would like to know a secert to slow things down, they grow soooooo fast

Jessica said...

Bella Rose is so cute as always!! Looks like she has some talented parents between the skate park and the vegetable garden and more (smile)! By the way Sunday, thanks soooo much for letting us stay at your house with Jen while we were in Asheville. I love Asheville! And I told Jen that I thought your blue furniture on the back porch was AWESOME! Where did you find it?

KatieKate said...

oh ym gosh
That child's FACE!!!
I DO want to bite her cheeks!!! And, not in the violent scary way, either. Just in the ohmygoshyou'resocCUTE way.

And, Sun. WHERE IS THAT BLUE CHAIR/GLIDER FROM? It's perfect. I love it. I have always wanted one of those on my front porch. If you tell me it's an original...like your gramma's or something I'm going to die of jealousy.

I may be a bit dramatic today.

sunday said...

well have no fear katie you do not have to die today! we found it at an antique place here in NC. it was this green color and worth took it apart and cleaned it up and we spray painted it that color. he said he will never do that again :). too much work. we love it though. i want more furniture like it but we don't really have anywhere for it to go.

Walker James Kirkland said...

Hey Sunday! It's Erin Patrick (Kirkland now) from Atlanta. I have loved checking out your blog & getting up to date on your life. What a gorgeous baby girl!! Looks like life is good---isn't it just amazing?! :)

sunday said...

erin!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness!!!!! how are you? i am so glad that you have been looking. how much fun. BellaRose is awesome. I love her so much. do you have a blog? what is your e-mail?

Dan, Annie, Will, Sadie and Mocha said...

Mmmmm good post. You recovered well at 13 weeks.
I'm still learning how to multi task, you've always been better at that than me.
I can't wait to squeeze those little cheeks tom. Sorry to make everyone jealous.
You are an incredible mom, it's been so fun to watch the love grow, beautiful actually.
I love the cross stitch, GO KAREN!

Walker James Kirkland said...

Hey Domenica! Yes, we now have a blog, glad you found it! And my email is ehead50@hotmail.com.
It's so great to keep up with you and I hope we can keep in touch. And yes, I'm planning on going to the reunion--you?

Walker James Kirkland said...

We're in Atlanta, Dunwoody actually. I've been here since graduation and we're loving it---Walker's grandparents are nearby! :)
Looks like Asheville is treating you well. Do you visit Atl often?

Catherine said...

She's so cute! hopefully I'll get to see her in October the weekend of the reunion!

Walker James Kirkland said...

I have heard about the new park but haven't seen it yet. I'm sure we'll be making numerous trips before too long! That is hilarious that you were that close though---it's not far from our house at all! Next time you're in town, we must get together! :)

Walker James Kirkland said...

Absolutely--if you can come early for the reunion, we'd love to get together! And we'd be happy to check out the skate park! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Domenica--It is Lauren (Gable). I can't believe how big your baby girl has gotten! She is beautiful!!! I love reading the blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Domenica--Your baby girl has gotten so big! She is beautiful! I am so glad she is sleeping through the night!! I love reading the blog! Lots of Love, Lauren Blair (Gable)

sunday said...

lauren! what is your e-mail. do you have a blog? what is going on? I can't wait to hear from you again!