Wednesday, September 19, 2007

back in the saddle again

BellaRose is 4 months old on Saturday. do you think that it is too early for her to start riding? even if it is just the dog? i mean look at this picture. how cute is that? of course rainy could care less that there is a baby and a saddle on her back, she just wants that tennis ball.

we went to greenville, s.c. on monday to see cameron for his 6th birthday. we missed the actual b-day b/c we were at the beach. isn't it so much fun when your birthday goes on for days and days. it was so wonderful seeing my sisters and my mom. they all fawned over B-Rose, as they should :). taylor, my niece was there as well, but i forgot to get a picture with all of them. rocco was on a playdate so we did not get to see him. worth of course went to the skatepark there. good times were had by all! no subject was left unspoken about.

in areas, "i should have known better", i got bangs. i thought i could look like jennifer garner. who does not want to look like that? i thought my hair is close to hers, i can do that cut! i usually take pictures of penelope cruz in to the hair dresser and want her hair. i also usually get laughed at too. well i got bangs, serious bangs, not the long bangs that can still go behind the ears, but bangs like hers (point thumb to right now), but shorter. i have said more then once "what have i done". like when we brought sweetie baby home and she would not stop crying and we had not slept in days "what have we done" sort of thing. only 2 people have seen it. my sister-in-law likes it, the girl at the boutique liked it, but the verdict is out with me. i should have learned my lesson when i was 12 and annie and i spent countless hours trying to pin back our bangs! oh well, they are here and i have to make them my own!!! oh man what was i thinking?


KatieKate said...

Show the bangs.
Show 'em.

Bangs are difficult.
I used to cut my own.

Did I mention I never had a boyfriend until I was 25?

Becky and Jeremiah Swann said...

Oh No! I did the same thing when I was 12 the night before camp. Judith is fired!!! I have to see them, is this why I got no picture last night?
But seriously I bet they are not that bad, that is my bet, I think they might not be what you wanted but give um a few days and they might start going the way you want them too.
Do I need to come over with styling products and barettes?

Niki said...

Oh how exciting! New bangs. I bet they are so cute... Just like the pictures of Bella Rose on Rainy's back. I love the look on her face!! She is so adorable.

Shanna, Adam and Gracen said...

i bet you look fabulous with bangs. you have good hair for it. i had bangs in the 80s and early 90s. they were the rolled, large, hair-sprayed variety. i don't think i can go back--it was NOT pretty to behold.

Walker James Kirkland said...

Hey Dom! They can't be that bad honey, you just need to get used to them! Show us! :)

Love the new pic of BellaRose with the puppy too, precious!

Dan, Annie, Will, Sadie and Mocha said...

I did not know that you didn't like them that much when I saw you today. So sad.
However, I liked them. They are different, change is always hard at first, but it's fun. Have fun with them. You are beautiful no matter what, although I have to say having those bangs when we were 10 was the worst time of my lifeou it was not so bad for y. But, you always were sexier than me.
Is Judith fired?

Anonymous said...

Do we not get to see a picture of the bangs ourselves to decide how these bangs are?? I think we need to see a pic! I doubt they look as bad as you think.. but I'm sure having them in your face is what makes them most annoying! Bobby Pins! They help!

BellaRose looks so cute on that saddle!

Anonymous said...

I am dying laughing about the bangs! I am SURE they are not that bad. I got a terrible haircut, too (very possibly could be considered a mullet...WAY overboard on the layers) and I am 7 months pregnant, so I look hideous!! Lots of Love, Gable

Heidi and Richard King said...

I don't think you could look bad if you shaved your head, Sunday. I think you could pull off anything with style. Sorry, are always more critical of yourself than others. Bella Rose is pulling off the whole bald look really well though...I know she is actually getting more hair and is as cute as they come. I love all your pics!

MC and Brian Phillips said...

oh please, Sunday. Heidi is right. I'm picturing you looking better than Penelope Cruz right now because I know that they can't be as bad as you say. You CAN'T look, in the spirit of things...let's see 'em!!!! (be kind to those of us who live far away)

Cat said...

OK I want to see them. Post a pic of the bangs!

Anonymous said...

Sunday, my parents will be (should be) bringing by a folder of information on the eye surgery. I gave them directions to your house etc. So if this old couple shows up that's them!