Monday, October 01, 2007

bottom line

BellaRose rode a horse the other day. This is Ben, the horse, not brother Ben. Sweetie Baby and I had a wonderful day at the barn last week. I hope to be able to continue to ride. It is the workout that I have been looking for. I love it, and have missed it desperately. I have not ridden a horse in over a year, sort of like riding a bike, but it is a horse, you never forget.

We went to Greenville on Saturday for the day. We had a rough night the night before with not a lot of sleep, but we made the journey, and had a blast. It was fun hanging out with the family. We finally got a cousins picture with all the cousins. What a cute group of kids huh? Like I mentioned we did not get a whole lot of sleep the night before so B-Rose was cranky to say the least. It is hard not to compare her to other babies. It is also hard when my family sees her, and she is being really fussy. I feel like they don't get to see the real baby. I want to defend her and tell them how wonderful she is, but we have a fussy baby. We admit it, she is fussy. We know. She has been fed, her diaper changed, she gets enough milk, she does not need water, the list could go on and on. This is just who she is. Our girl likes routine, and when we take her out of that routine she gets fussy. But you know what the bottom line is she is healthy. Some people would do anything to hear their baby cry instead of being sick. So for this we are very fortunate to have our fussy baby.

Ane here are some bang pictures. I like them more and more. It took a little while to get used to them. Worth has even said (finally) that he liked them. I am still working with them and figuring out the way I like them best, but they seem to be well received by others. So here you go, bangs!

In other exciting news Rocco can ride his his bike without training wheels. This is freedom for a 4 year old. The world is his, well at least the neighborhood is his. He could NOT wait to show Poppy (my dad) how he can ride without the training wheels. This reminds me of when I taught myself how to ride without training wheels many years ago for Father's day. I practiced and practiced and finally got. I was ready to show my dad. I got a little full of myself and thought I could conquer our steep road in Atlanta and fly down it. Well I am sure you can see where this is going. I busted and busted hard. Happy Fathers Day, right ;).

I have found the jeans. yes it is true. These are the ones. I love them!!!! They have a side zipper, no pockets in the front, pockets in the back, and not slit pockets, but real pockets. They are awesome. I dream about putting them on, I get sad when I have to take them off. Is it weird if I sleep in them? They are James Jeans, and they are fabulous! Oh yeah, a little side note for you, this is not my belly. Oh how I wish it were, but I repeat this IS NOT MY BELLY. I am sure you were wondering.


Heidi and Richard King said...

Your life looks full! Bella Rose will soon grow up and her true personality will come out and you will no longer remember that she once was that fussy little baby that kept you up at night. Thank goodness that we don't have to live with the descriptions we had as a baby. I would still be a fat little hair ball...lovely right!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

rylie would kinda do that sometimes too when we went away from home. slight overstimulation is all i can guess. its amazing how much they love thier own beds too!

I love the bangs & am glad BR could ride!!!!

Walker James Kirkland said...

First of all, LOVE the bangs! I'm glad you're getting used to them, they do look great!
Also, I'm totally with you on the fussiness thing. Walker is like that some evenings when we're over at my parent's house. And what is with the water suggestion? We get that too. Too funny! :)
Keep at it & know you're a wonderful Mommy! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!!

KatieKate said...

aw, honey...
the bangs are FABULOUS

and you know what, that kid is awesome. Fussy, maybe- but awesome. It will change. And good for you knowing what she needs. I know what you mean about others not seeing the 'real' kid- but the truth is, it just doesn't matter. Just do what ya gotta do.

Love you!

Becky and Jeremiah Swann said...

what a fun picture loaded blog.
I don't think she is more fussy than other babies. I know you are around it all the time. But I think it's fun to be around her even if she is crying. You are doing a good job just keep watering her. haha that's how they grow right?

Anonymous said...

I like the bangs! They look great. And I LOVE the pics! That baby girl is so precious!


Cat said...

I was wondering about the the tummy ha! I was about to be reeeeallly jealous if you could return to that tummy of yours so quickly after childbirth! I'm glad you like the jeans. I think your bangs look great! You look so much like Angela. All the kids are great- so so cute they could all be models!
The day with the horses looked fun! I thought of you this past weekend when Tripp rode a horse for the first time at a carnival. I thought he'd be scared but he was actually very excited and proud of himself for doing it alone! Counting down the days till I meet BR!

Dan, Annie, Will, Sadie and Mocha said...

O Sun. Really good post. So real and honest. I love it. Coming to grips with the fact that I had a baby that threw up all the time and that my overproduction of milk was the problem was hard. But, now I barely remember that at all.
That's how it goes, they change so much. I bet when she starts saying, "But, but, but", you and Worth will miss the days when she was saying "wha wha wha".
Still I know it's hard. That's why we all have each other, so we can laugh about the spit up and the crying.
Every time I see you I love the bangs more.
The jeans are perfect.
Bella Rose has great equitation already! Ben looks so happy too.

Anonymous said...

I see BANGS! And I like them.. you do kind of have this Jennifer Garner look too!

I'll need to try those jeans.. I'm always looking for another pair!

And BellaRose is so cute on the horse!! What a blessing that BR is fussing and heathly! God is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love those jeans.. cute.. well BellaRose is getting so big.. she is looking more and more like you everyday. i hope to see ya'll again soon.