Thursday, November 01, 2007

A whole new world

As I told you before BellaRose is completely weened from the swaddle. We are so thankful that it did not take that long to do, we just had to persevere. She has discovered a whole new world of sleeping. This is her sleeping the other day. She loves being on her side. Right now she is asleep on her belly, sucking her thumb. 2 things that she has never done before. This freedom she has discovered in her sleep has been awesome. She is sleeping through the night for the most part. She will wake up a couple of times and whine, but will fall right back asleep. Her naps have been sound and she sleeps for awhile. The other day Worth came home after one of these sound naps and she was in such a good mood. She was laughing and squeling. I think it made his day. Life is really changing around her. Her personality is coming out more and more. She is on solid foods 3 times a day. She loves to eat. So far we have of course had rice cereal, sweet potatoes, bananas, and right now we are on carrots. She loves it all!
Worth asked me the other day if I would recommend the swaddle to people, and I am up in the air on that issue. We loved it when we brought her home. We would swaddle her up and she would go right to sleep. Weening her from it was a huge pain, but from what I am learning we are in a constant state of weening our babies, from nursing, from the pacifier, from the thumb, the list goes on and on. I have wondered if the swaddle is what kept her from sleeping well in "other" situations. But I believe the bottom line is, this is Like Missy says, she is spirited. I like that. She is a fighter, she is persistent, she is sassy, but she is o'so sweet. It is challenging at times, not having a easy going baby, but I hear they make fabulous toddlers. Amen on that!
I head out for Atlanta again this weekend. This is the 1st time I am leaving my baby so it will be a fast trip. I am going for Sumner's Cocktail party to celebrate her wedding in Greece. I am looking for to it, but I am going without Worth and the baby. The last trip to Atlanta with her was WAY too hard. We will see how this goes. I am excited for the break, but also know it will be super hard for me. I will let you know how it goes.

I could not resist this picture. Don't you just want to eat her up!

This is her rolling over for the 1st time! She made is all the way over that arm. She got pretty mad once she learned she was on her belly, but she is liking the belly more and more.

Ya'll have a great weekend. Play hard.


KatieKate said...

gorgeous, friend... she is gorgeous

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

she is!!! This might be one of my favorite Posts yet...I love to see how she is growing and learning and becoming her own...ahhhhhhhh its so wonderful to be BellaRose!

Walker James Kirkland said...

Absolutely precious! And congrats on the 'no swaddle'! We're attempting it now--a whole new world! She is the cutest! :)

Anonymous said...

She is a beauty! Just like her parents!

Becky and Jeremiah Swann said...

Oh I love her so much, I'm so glad for you guys that she is sleeping better and rolling!!! She is the smartest baby ever! those pictures are precious

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

So glad that you are through that, you are such a good mom.
Have so much fun this weekend, can't wait to hear about how it goes, take lots of pictures, of course you'll do that.

Anonymous said...

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Am so impressed with Worth's and your creation!! Blows my mind... Am having to totally confess to you, Annie and Jessica that I've been reading your blogs-- love them, love y'all. Miss you each. Let's stay in touch.