Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to you and yours

today is Christmas Eve and it feels like it too! i love that, when it feels like the holidays. sometimes Christmas time rolls around and it just does not feel like it. my Christmas spirit got dampened of course with the ordeal of our Christmas tree trying to commit suicide and it did succeed. we will know rejoice and share Christmas presents under a completely dead tree that is now brown instead of green, but we will STILL rejoice! i made sugar cookies with icing and listened to Harry Connick Jr and i forgot about my brown Christmas tree. then we went to church and watched the little children put on the real Christmas story while i held my sweet child and my husband by my side and that, my dear reader, is what truly put me back in the Christmas spirit b/c Christmas is not about the presents and what we get, although that is nice, but about a tiny little baby who sacrificed so much so that we can REJOICE! So have a wonderful Christmas and hug your family and pet your dog.

Sweetie Baby turned 7 months old on saturday and she woke up clapping, seriously! when she turned 6 months old she decided it was time to sit up and now she is clapping. it is pretty cute if you really want to know. in these pictures you can see what a good guard dog rainy is being. she is really protecting our nice new hard wood floors from any morsel of food that might possible slip by B-Rose. i think rainy thinks that BellaRose is eating her milkbones. the picture of worth and BellaRose is the first time that BellaRose saw snow. granted it is not a lot of snow, but there is in fact snow falling from the sky. she thought it was strange and wonderful all at the same time. well i gotta hit the road and go join in some Christmas eve festivities. we know a couple of kids who are getting a puppy tomorrow for Christmas and i will happily share some pictures with you. have a good time and be careful. we love you.

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Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Ahhhh so sweet. BellaRose is getting so big and I love the teething biscuts. Isnt it amazing how messy htose things get! i couldnt belive it. But they are wonderful as are the dogs that clean up after...wait till shes eating cherrios from her high chair.....Rainy will HEART that big time!!!

Happy Christmas eve and Merry Christmas to you!

love you