Friday, January 11, 2008

Sweetie Baby wants to be in the gang!

Can BellaRose be in the Read-Along-Gang? I know I am a little behind in this weeks reading so I think that BellaRose is going to read it for me and give me a little book report on it. She has a vast knowledge of the English language already.

We gave B-Rose a bath in the tub for the 1st time yesterday and she loved it! She is still so little so we have been giving her baths in the tub that fits in the sink. I decided to give her a bath in the "real" tub because she loves to sit up so much and splash around. She is SO funny in the bath. I think that she could stay in there for days.
I have a great weekend. We will be having family over to celebrate Worth's birthday that is on Tuesaday. The big 33! What an old man right :)! He will hopefully get stitches out today. His hand is swelling back up and we don't know why. He is going to an actual hand doctor so hopefully he will have some answers for us. Keep him in your prayers.
We will talk at you later.

~the rare piture of BellaRose with

her mouth closed!


KatieKate said...

Oh, how we love the bath too- sometimes we take a bath in the middle of the day just to have a little fun!

And absolutely- BellaRose can be in the gang :)

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

yes, we dito with Katie and rylie joy. All I have to say is "wanna take a bath" and Rylie goes and pushes on the bathroom door....Oh she knows!!! Plus I think that was one of y favorite things. She learns to sit on her own and bath time is SOOOOOO much more fun for all of us!

Jason and Jennifer Haynes said...

So much! I have missed so much!
I can't believe how big Bella Rose is getting! First bath!!! Yeah! Baths are so great! I think we all enjoy a good bath except when we are little it's exciting. When we are big it's relaxing.

I need to read all of your posts I missed but I did read about poor Worth's hand!!! Ouch!!! I hope the hand doctor fixes him good as new!

Miss you guys...I've got to go and do some more reading about the adventures of Sunday, Worth and BellaRose!

Love the pics! You've captured such beautiful moments.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I can't get over how beautiful she is.. and baths are fun! I wish I had time to take baths all the time!

Happy early birthday Worth! Paul isn't too far behind... either.. he's an old man too ringing in at 32!

Becky Swann said...

Oh man I want to scoop her out of the bathtub on a big spoon and eat her up! I am in love with her, I can't imagine that I'm about to have a baby I will love more, because I love Bellarose just about to maximum capacity.
Sunday-I have never seen you more beautiful than now, saw your comment on jen's and wanted to remind you that you have just been ENHANCED since you have had a baby!the beauty and strength god had already given you just multiplied. Be encouraged God has awesomeness in store for you!
Also, I have been and will continue to pray for the hand of your man!

Cat said...

Hey! I hope everything's going ok with worth's hand! Did he get the stitches out? BR is so cute! Jack LOVES baths too- a great way to calm him down when he's worked up! You'll have to let me know when you'll be back in Atlanta- it will be awhile for me but hopefully sometime this spring or summer we can get together! Also, I know you don't live IN Asheville but it's not far from your house is it? I remember we met there in May. I saw on a news show last night Asheville's #1 for happy people!

sunday said...

cat~pretty cool huh? we love about 10 minutes from asheville. probably closer then our houses were when we were in Atlanta. i hope to get there sometimes soon, to Atlanta, that is. let me know when you go and we will arrange it.