Friday, February 15, 2008

Well, well, well

We are having such a great week. We have gotten into a groove, me and my little buddy BellaRose. We hang out together, we talk together, we do everything together, and it is pretty darn cool. I never knew how I would take this "mother gig" but it is one of the best choices I, we, have ever made. My mind is so full of possiblities on things that BellaRose and I can do together. As you know I am taking the cake decorating class and it is really going to be fun. I just have a feeling that BellaRose is really going to love to make cakes. I mean why would she not? Just think of all the batter and dough she will be able to stick her little fingers in! I am ready to start to decorate, or at least just get the icing on smooth, baby steps right?!

Another thing that I love to do and I hope Sweetie Baby will join me on is gardening. I have discovered a book called "Sunflower Houses, A Book for Children and Their Grown-Ups". How sweet does that sound? We are going to make a sunflower house this summer right along side our garden. It will have an entry way and then a little play area will be in the center of these huge enormous sunflowers and morning glories. Last summer I had big lofty goals to tend to my garden with my newborn baby. When my ole naive pregnant self told seasoned mothers of this plan they would just shake their head and pat me sweetly on the back. I thought that they were telling me "YES you can do this!". Little did I know they were telling me "Honey, you have no Idea!". Oh well, you live and you learn. This year I hope to not recieve those glances and shakes of heads from moms. I will have a walking baby by then (maybe), she will love a sunflower house!

Sharon Lovejoy is the author of this book and I included her blog over there on the left. Check it out. She will have cool ideas and recipes from the garden. This warm weather is getting to me. I am already scheming on my garden plans. Maybe I will start some seedlings out of some cardboard egg carton to fill the need to dig in the dirt.

I just have to share this delicious bag that I bought from Katie and her TexasNorth by KatieKate etsy shop. It is way better then this picture shows you. The orange satin ribbon is just so shiny and perfect for a bag that I would own. The quality is impeccable! Go to her shop and look around. She updates it about once a month, right Katie? This is the market bag just so you know.

Since no one has asked ........ahem.... my running is improving. I hate to share this with you b/c I know it will sound so dismal to you runners out there, but I ran .55 miles without stopping. That is one lap around Lake Tomahawk and then I walked 1.60 miles. So there is a slight improvement from last week. We will get better. Annie is trying to get me to run a 5k, we shall see.


Anonymous said...

Sunday.. you have always had a green thumb.. and I can't wait to see the gardens you and BellaRose will create. She can learn so much from you with your time gardening and baking.. what a cool mom BellaRose has! = )

Good job on the .55 mile run! That is a great start!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

I think that run is Fabulous!!!!! you keep it up. I bet BR loves to go jog around the lake.

KatieKate said...

Well, first of all, I am SO glad you like your bag :)

Second: .55 miles of non-stop running is awesome! You make me think I might be able to do that, too. But I'm married to a runner, and I'm scared. It's like I can't breathe or something when I'm running. All I can think about is "why am I running?"

and c: thankyou so so so much for the link to the gardening book. Oh how absolutely fabulous. My dream this spring is to plant a fabulous garden and also have a walkway of flowers... maybe you can help me. Your garden from last year was such an inspiration! I think you should blog about your garden layout to give me somewhere to start...

Becky Swann said...

I sitting hear reading as it feels like Ellen is running laps in my stomach (not as far as you ran though) I think she is excited about playing with BellaRose, well maybe next summer, I should say before you reach over and pat me:) I think the sunflower house sounds awesome, my sister and I used to always grow sunflowers in my dads garden when we were little and sit out there and eat the seeds.

Just April... said...

What a fun posting and... Let's hear it for super moms!!! Wow, Sunday...I feel so lazy right now. Haha. Any idea of some herbs that are easy to grow indoors? - I have no patio or balcony in my apartment. LOVE the bag! Those three colors are my favorite 3! I guess that is quite obvious by my Green Gypsy website/logo and my home decor, hee hee. Green, brown and orange - the MOST fabulous combination. Are the straps of your bag leather?

MC and Brian Phillips said...

Today the weather was getting to me too and I went through some old Organic Gardening and Mother Earth News magazines today and called up every seed seller I could find and ordered catalogs! This year I'm going organic and heirloom. I'm so excited to get into gardening. We can share tips!
I also found that no knead bread recipe you and Katie love in my magazine and hopped up and made it! (too bad I have to wait until tomorrow to bake and eat it!)

You are such a fun Mama with all your cool ideas!

Go for the 5k! I did one last fall (and I'm no Annie Singletary.) and I came in third in my category....of course, there were only three people in my category:) I got a ribbon!

Heidi and Richard King said...

I am glad you are my friend so I can learn about gardening, cooking, cakes, and all the fun stuff you delve into. You are great and we look forward to playing in the sunflower house! A great place for a little girl's tea party!