Monday, March 10, 2008

Back in the boat

Went on a walk with Annie and Will not too long ago after music class. We thought that Will and BellaRose would talk while Annie and I talked recipes and planning meals for the week. Well the little babies had a different idea. I guess our talk was SO boring to them that they could not help themselves from falling asleep. Music class really wore them out!
BellaRose's top two teeth have finally broken through so I think that the hurting for her will stop at least until those terrible molars I keep hearing about come in. She is crawling like you would not believe and pulling up on everything. She falls at least once a day and screams like you would not believe, but then gets over it and goes on her way. I know those falls will continue to increase as well. She waves to everyone and everything, especially her reflection.

Special Find: Method Baby Detergent LullabyScent
You know when you smell a certain scent and it takes you back to an event or a time in your life? Well that is what this detergent does for me. It takes me back to that time while I was pregnant preparing my sweet girl's room and cleaning her clothes in this amazing smell. I love Method cleaners anyway, for all they stand for and the goodness they put in their products. I mean how could you not like "people against dirty"! I thought I had lost this detergent forever because the people at Target don't always know what they are talking about. I was at Babies-R-Us with Becky and she found the detergent. I got so excited I almost cried. That picture of me pregnant up there makes me think of that smell. We were so excited, and scared, and nervous at that time, thinking about our baby and all the unknown that comes with bringing her home. I get butterflies right now just typing about it. That time was so precious, and now I have my scent back and everything seems right.

Speaking of good times, Worth is back in his boat again, well at least he was on Sunday. He has been on a long hiatus from boating. There used to be a time when Worth did not work when it rained and people knew they could find him on his beloved river. Well those days are gone now and Worth sees the rain as something different. But last week he got that old spark back when the rain came pouring down. He was able to enjoy the river and go boat with a good friend and he was like a little kid out playing, like what BellaRose does when she sees any kind of food. I am happy for my man, I know he has been wanting this for a long while and hope he continues to go to the river and maybe, just maybe, one day he will take his sweet baby!


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

good to see worth back on the river. I know he loves that stuff! Rylie ALWAYS falls asleep in her jogger. She loves it so! Those two are so cute!!!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

oh and Pampers Swaddlers size one.....does that smell thing for me. We are loyal huggie users BUT when Rylie was born they used swaddlers at the hospital and that smell is ohhh soooo sweet!

sunday said...

we are loyal to pampers!

Anonymous said...

Cute jogger stroller pics.. any running happening?

sunday said...

i am running about once a week right now. I go walk a whole lot though. I plan to run more. thank you very much for asking!

Jimmy said...

We kayak on the lake by our cottage, lots different then Worth but still fun. Tell him to bring his boat and try something different like chasing otters and deer.

Rose spend lots of time in her jogger with Bob and now she runs with him and has done short races.

Something to look forward to.


LisserCoates said...

JP gets excited over food too! I guess him and Bella have something in common.

Becky Swann said...

Oh they look so sweet sleeping in their strollers.
I'm so glad we found your detergent and just in time for me to wash Ellen's clothes and we can share the same baby smell memories, when we are old and our kids are grown we can go into my laundry room and crack open a bottle and cry together:)
PS thanks for the registry advertisement hehe

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

O the sleeping babies are so peaceful looking, good friends, good photos, good talk, good sleep it couldn't get any better.
Glad that Worth is back in his boat, just don't you get hurt out there, I remember him being a sort of risk taker, hope those days have settled somewhat.
I love that detergent too, you told me about it, so glad Becky found it again, that little mommy.

Soul Sisters (Courtney) said...

It's good to start somewhere.. I've really slacked off of running.. so even walking everyday (getting into the routine) is a great thing!

I also thought about you and smells the other day.. I was cleaning out my shed and came across those left car scent things. I used to always have the yellow one in my car and I put one in and oh it reminded me of high school.. and I thought about you and your smell good blog! So thought I would share!

Just April... said...

Another fun post...SO great to keep up with your life on here! Hugs, sweet mama!

KatieKate said...

Oh, how we love Pampers, too (for those travellin' days... I'm still hanging in there on the cloth for the other days...and yes, I am crazy). Seriously- they're the cheapest brand out there and they're AWESOME.

My memory is very attached to smells as well. Smells and music.